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All Natural Skin Solutions

I’m not insecure about most things. I’m a fairly confident person. But the one area that gets me self-conscious is my skin. My mom let me suggested I wear foundation when I was in the 6th grade because I was already breaking out everywhere. I got facials regularly in Middle and High School (my mom […]

Why Top Ten {Tuesday} Is So Fabulous

It’s here, folks: my last Top Ten {Tuesday}. In case you missed the big announcement, you better click back to last week! Let’s get to this week because honestly, I’ve been wanting to write this post for awhile. I love Top Ten {Tuesday} and I think it’s a really good carnival. And I think everyone ought […]

How to Pray As a Family

Our church is very intentional about empowering parents to raise their kids for the Lord. I’ve told you about Asa’s baby dedication and monthly themes like Taming the Inner Monster. Each month, they also host KidStuf a big dramatic-interactive-church-service. The best part is the kids and parents are sitting together. Listening together. Worshiping together. Praying […]

Miscellany: How I Write a Blog Post {Part 10}

We made it! The last and final stop in our How *I* Write a Blog Post series! I hope you haven’t been bored out of your mind. I hope it has been helpful. I kinda liked writing it. I’m intrigued by blogging and social media so I love talking about it. I want to end […]

Pinterest: How *I* Write a Blog Post {Part 9}

Pin It Ahh, Pinterest! The newest site to take Social Media by storm. If for some reason you’re under a rock and haven’t heard of it, it’s a beautiful website that mimics a pinboard. You find cool images, posts, articles or websites online and pin them on your own boards. I have boards for food […]

Super Hero Playlist!

To close out our super Super Hero series, I’ve got a playlist for you! I am so passionate about getting God’s Word into kids’ hearts at a young age–and there is no better way than music! The other day as the kids were doing the dishes, I made a super quick playlist with a few […]

Twitter: How *I* Write a Blog Post {Part 8}

Do you like the way it takes me almost 20 days to do a 10 part series? Me, too. Anywhoo, welcome back to How *I* Write a Blog Post. Where were we? Oh yeah! We’ve written our post and are tryin’ to get it OUT there. After I facebook it, I tweet it. Now, I […]