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LOST Countdown

Yes, I just put an animated graphic on my blog. This is how insane I am about tonight.Did you watch the “pop-up” Lost last night? I missed it but will be watching it courtesy of my beloved TIVO tonight. And guess what? I’m going to be doing some Lost reviews for The Disney Blog! Don’t […]

Why band aids are of the devil

My daughter is the great sleeping baby. She was sleeping 8 hours at about six weeks. At two years old she sleeps at least 12 hours every night. Until last night. She got a paper cut on her hand yesterday. After a kiss, a prayer, some cream and a band-aid, she felt better. She was […]


My Mom, Grandmother, Grandfather, Maternal Grandparents & Great Uncle. 1958. I love this picture. Isn’t it cozy? I think it’s interesting because if we were having lunch outside, what would we do? We certainly wouldn’t drag out a real table with a real tablecloth, real chairs and a high chair! (for more ww click here […]

The After Post

I’m sticking my head out of the greed-fest (aka Bloggy Giveaways) I’ve been in the past 2 days to post. Seriously, there are like 600 contests right now. 600 things I apparently need more than sleep, tv or a clean house. Ahem. I was going to link to a few of my faves, but I’ve […]

Who’s The Cutest of Them All?

I have SO been looking forward to this Bloggy Giveaway. Usually when I do giveaways, I give away stuff that I love. You know, something I’ve owned for 400 years and couldn’t live without. Well, not today. Today I’m giving away something I COVET! I first found Sarah Jane Studios on Design Mom (oh yummy!). […]

Moo & Snow

Today has been a day. *whew* We woke up to a house with NO heat. That is the worst feeling I can imagine. Unless of course, I had been put to bed soaking wet. Anyway, it was too cold to stay at home, so we took Lydia and our niece to a special event at […]

The Stuff Random Dreams Are Made Of

I took a blogging break yesterday. I just couldn’t think of anything to post. And I was just tired. I didn’t even visit any blogs (well, maybe one or two). I just didn’t feel like blogging. *gasp* Anyway, I’ve been tagged about 475 times in the last week and because I’m still in a blogfog, […]