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Light as a Feather

From my nouveau devo, Take Flight by Robin Jones Gunn & Cindy Hannan. Black Winged Guilt: The enemy did in my heart the same thing he has done since the beginning of time: He broke in, stole and destroyed. Christ, who is my advocate with the Father, defended me…Jesus told my accusers to leave me […]


I told you before about my bird name at camp. Puffin. Now how did it become #2 on Yahoo Buzz? The 2nd top search today on all of Yahoo is Puffin?! Are my old campers looking for me? Seriously, why? Who’s doing yahoo searches on a flightless bird?

SAHM Subculture

Playdates. Before I was a mama, I thought this was the most ridiculous made up term in the world. It sounded like something on the front of a chick-lit book. Playdate. What is that about? Your kids have dates to play? What are they celebrities with an agent? But now I understand. Playdates. It’s a […]


I just love that the word blog can be used to make so many great words: bloggerific, blogalicious, bloggy, bloggity, blogosphere, blogorama, blogalockaluska…you get the idea. One of my favorite blog words is bloglines. I’m sure you’ve heard of it or may even use it. But if not, I thought I’d give you a little […]

Just playing around…

This is not my supercool layout that my new best friend is working on. For some reason that other theme just wasn’t working right. It moved weird. I’ll try not to mess this thing up too much and I’ll let you know when the new threads are ready to show off! Thanks for being patient […]

Closely Related to Wordless Wednesday

      My great grandfather and his two sisters. This is probably around 1912. He was 19 at this time–the same year he married my great grandmother at age 14! Notice the girls’ hair. And their clothes. And don’t you just love my great-grandfather’s smile? (for more ww click here and here)

Toddlerhood Part 2

(part 1 here) Last night I put Lydia to bed 40 minutes early. She slept for over 14 hours! When she woke up she wanted to drink her milk while laying in my lap in the rocker for another 30 minutes! Now she’s happily eating waffles in her high chair–smiling and talking the whole time. […]