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armor of god series for kids

After naps last week, the kids and I pulled out our Roman Soldier Playmobils (my mother in law bought them accidentally thinking they were vikings) so we could begin our series on the Armor of God. I read all of Ephesians 6:10-20 to them (which is pretty heavy and pretty long, too!) while the kids inspected their action figures.

I think it’s an easy section of Scripture for kids to understand because it’s so visual. Anyone can see that a helmet protects your head just as salvation protects us. What’s harder to understand and to communicate to kids is why. Why do we need protection?

And what’s all that about not wrestling with flesh and blood? What are the principalities of darkness? It actually sounds kinda scary when you read it!

The purpose of studying the armor of God with the kids is not to introduce them to spiritual warfare and see demons around every corner. I want my children to see God’s provision and how God has equipped them as children to live for Him.

I want them to recognize that they can experience their own salvation, speak truth on their own, use their own lips to wield God’s Word, etc. I think growing up in church (especially if you’re in a pretty decent one) and around God’s Word, it’s easy to think this is just how life is! You go to church, you are kind to your brother and badabing badaboom that must make you a Christian and receive all the blessings that go with it.

I want my kids to know that God has given them tools, weapons and protection to use for themselves.

But the best part of this is not that God’s given this to us so we can be spiritual warriors. In fact, to me, that seems daunting! The best part of this whole thing is found at the beginning of the passage in verse 10:

Finally, let the Lord make you strong. Depend on his mighty power.

This isn’t about being some super-human warrior for God. This isn’t about suiting up every day and showing God how awesome you are. This is about leaning on God’s great power, taking His strength and His tools to do the great things He has for us. Isn’t that refreshing? And freeing?

It reminds me of why we gave our son the name Asa: we are powerless without God and need Him to fight for us. If there is one thing I can leave with my children, it’s that they are utterly dependent on God for direction, power and wisdom.


I didn’t mean to get so deep in this introduction post. I promise I didn’t have this conversation with the kids! We simply read the verses, looked at the uniform on our toys and then I tried to locate a song from years ago about the armor of God. I couldn’t find it online but I did find a fun one by Phil Joel. The kids liked it…

After a crazy dance party to the new song (ahem.) we decided to memorize Ephesians 6:10. I’m still debating if I want to try to memorize the whole passage (what do you think? anyone up for that?) but for sure this is one verse I want them to know.

So, we made up motions for the verse and they were totally into it! That night when my husband came home, they did it for him. And later the next day, we were talking about it again and my daughter did it for me all on her own. Here’s Asa doing it for you, too…

{can’t see the video? click here.}

{I know, you can’t really understand him & you probably can’t tell what motions he’s doing. But oh my. He is CUTE!}

Later this week, we’ll begin in more detail with the belt of truth and do 2-3 activities with it. I’ll be posting as we do them, so you can follow along, or wait till I’m a few weeks ahead so you can collect any supplies you might need. There will be lots of different activities–memorization, activities and a few crafts. I’m looking forward to it!

If you read Truth in the Tinsel (or have been around here long) you’ll know I’m not about doing or having perfect, deep, amazing family devotions. I just want to spend purposeful time impressing God’s Word on my kids’ lives–as we sit at home, walk along the road, lie down and get up. And this is how it works in our family. I pray it will inspire you to be purposeful with your own family!

Oh, and a link to my Armor of God Pinterest board, just in case you don’t have any Roman Soldier playmobils laying around. 😉

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  1. This is so perfect! I’ve been trying to find a way to add some hands on bible to our school day. We’ve had a few rough days and I know it’s because I’m trying to do it in my own strength. I am going to read this heavily to prepare for your lessons! Cannot wait!

  2. Always so blessed by the ideas that God gives to you! Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is perfect timing for our family. I gave my 5 year old son the book, “Will,God’s Mighty Warrior” for Christmas and we have read it many times since. They are very intrigued about God’s armor now so I look forward to this resource to help explain it to them. Thank you!

  4. Looks like a ton of fun! How old are your kids again?

  5. Leah Dion says:

    I am really excited about this Amanda!! I did a lot of advent activities at Christmas. God gave me some great ideas for lent upcoming…I’m so excited. And now ARmor of God..which is something God really used in my life last year. I can’t wait to teach it to my precious 3 yr old son!! AND I bought a “Knights” Playmobil advent calendar and was going to wait until next Christmas…but this is the perfect time since I am going to make it applicable to the Bible. THank you!!!

  6. I can’t wait to see what you do with it! We declared last October “Spiritual Warfare” month and had so much fun delving deep into learning about the armor of God!

    My 8 year old is good at memory work and easily memorized the entire passage. It has been a struggle for my 6 year old though. My four year old is doing pretty good with it, especially if he can be up and ‘acting it out’ while he says it. 🙂

  7. I was so excited when I saw you were talking about the Armor of God because that’s what we were focusing on with my kids recently and we also had a boy’s Knight of God’s table event where we focused on the Armor of God. Our son is named Asa as well and they are very close in age! 🙂 We love the Armor of God song from Mighty Spirit Kids! We LOVE all there songs and they are all scripture based!!!

  8. Just wrote a similar post this morning…

    We most definitely have to teach our boys how to fight with God’s Word in their hearts. Thank you for this sweet reminder, and I have pinned it to use with our boys! 🙂

  9. Ashlie Miller says:

    We are wrapping up an Ephesians study at church this week! I’m excited about sharing some of this with my 3 boys before we hit it at church so they will light up on Sunday cluing into some of it! Thanks!

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  11. I”m prepping this to do in the new year after our great success with TIT. Our kids get so excited each morning to do our Bible Time. I am envisioning starting with making life-size tracings of my kids and talking about being children of God, and then adding each piece of armor to our picture as we work through the scripture. I’m editing downy he blog posts to have a structure I can work from. I would love to see a simple book for each of the studies you have created. I could even send my notes after I make them.

  12. Hannah Kost says:

    I just finished teaching a series on the Armor to the older kids at church last month. In my research it was sad to see how many lessons focus on the darkness coming to attack. I believe God wants us to keep our eyes focused on him, so that the darkness has no bearing on us. I love that you focused on this as well.

    I had a very interesting message from God as I taught on the SWORD… God told me, “Put the sword in it’s holster, as the spirit will be like a ring of fire around you, lighting your path, illuminating to draw others near, and destroying all enemies in your path.” He went on to say, “Pick up the cup.” I was in awe and baffled at the same time. I researched ‘cup’ and found that what God was telling me was to hold in my hands gratitude. The cup of thankfulness to carry, offering and drinking continuously. Wow! God is so good!

    My seven year old (who wasn’t in my class) actually got the most from this. As I told him the story he was acting it out, putting his sword down at his side and picking up a cup. Even the littles get this concept. I feel like a child every time Abba wraps his arm around me to tell me a story.

    Our children need to hear of the goodness of God from us. As believers, no doubt fear and evil exist, and first and foremost our children need to know that God is light, and Jesus has overcome and it’s by His blood that it is finished. Our children have the same needs as us, to know we are loved and be thankfully rejoicing in it.


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