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How To Green Your Fall: Top Ten {Tuesday}

This is a guest post by Betsy at Eco-Novice. Prepared to be dazzled by her knowledge! Here are some simple ways to reduce your exposure to harmful toxins while leaving a smaller footprint that are perfect to try in the warmer months of the year. 10 Ways to Green Your Fall 1. Eat locally and […]

Tommy Mommy

My friend Jendi first told me about Tommy Mommy. She had just been to Relevant (a Christian blogging conference) where Tommy Nelson was a sponsor. She sent me a tweet and said, “I think this is your cup of tea!” And she was right! Tommy Nelson has hooked mom bloggers (their “Tommy Mommies”) up with […]

Tommy Mommy

I’ve been working with Tommy Nelson(the children’s extension of Thomas Nelson publishing) for several months on Impress Your Kids. I’ve discovered lots of new books and authors. And I’ve been able to pass them along to my readers! I’ve been impressed with their company and am so excited that they are doing even more in […]

Happy New SCHOOL Year Resolutions: Making Dinner as a Family (*giveaway*)

This is one of those posts I committed to writing before I decided to go on a blogging hiatus. Thought you might like to win a prize or two while I’m gone! I think I have established that I am not a chef. I totally love food. Obviously. But meal planning is not my forte. […]

Why My Kids Learn Bible Memory Verse Songs

This is a guest post by the amazing Sami Cone of and Tommy Nelson! So many people ask me why my I create original Bible memory verse songs for my kids to learn, and the answer is simple: I found God not long before I found my husband, so I knew early on I’d […]

Who knew?

Who knew parenting would be so hard? I always thought I’d be able to control my children. I thought I’d be able to look at them with a raised eyebrow and they’d immediately obey. BOY, WAS I WRONG. Parenting is incredibly hard but not because I’m such a bad parent. It’s because my kids are […]

Daydream Believing and Guest Bathrooms: Top Ten {Tuesday}

This is a guest post from one of my online sisterhicks, Mary Carver of Giving Up On Perfect: I’ve shared on my blog a time or two (or three) that my house is less than awesome. It’s old and small and evidence that my husband and I were first-time suckers home buyers. But it’s a […]