Top Ten {Tuesday}: Stuff That Is Coming Up

This Top Ten list is inspired by my calendar and to-do list. You’re thrilled, aren’t you? Here are the…

Top Ten Things Fun Things Coming Up You Might Want To Know About:

1. Apple Cooking


We went to an apple orchard on Saturday. I now have about 4,328 apples in my kitchen. And they need to be turned into something good. I’m planning on apple muffins, apple pies, applesauce and maybe some apple butter! Have you seen Amy’s apple recipe list? Yumma!

2. School

School has been in session for months. But guess what? My Lydia will be going to kindergarten in the fall of 2011. And if I’m going to send her somewhere besides public school, I have to figure it out now! I’m going to a school tonight for an informational meeting and tour. I’ve got 3 more tours/meetings on the calendar! I already wrote a post about schooling options over at Impress Your Kids. (It’s a good’un.)

3. Halloween

I know, I’m the master of the obvious. But this year I’m actually looking forward to Halloween. It happens to fall on a Sunday which is normally kinda weird. But for the month of October, the preschool department at church has had a super-hero theme. We’ve got balloons, special tshirts and yes, even capes! So, on Halloween the kids get to dress up as super heroes! I can’t wait! I think I’m going to try to make a (no-sew) costume for Lydia and Asa!

4. Christmas

day 25 - Dana Newsom

That was quite a jump wasn’t it? Well, I’ve had tons of hits these past few weeks on my Advent Calendar posts. And that means people are gearing up for CHRISTMAS! Plus, I have been craving Hot Chocolate…specifically Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. So, obviously, it must be almost Christmas.

5. Celebrate Family Tour

I just saw a note on my calendar about a Focus on the Family tour coming to Atlanta. It’s a free event with several great family-marriage type guests speaking. There are two more cities on the tour: Seattle and San Diego. I think I’m gonna go—well, to the one in Atlanta. Although, Seattle sounds nice.

6. Puppet Festival

Do you know about my puppet-ness? Well, I’m a former (/sometimes current) Master Puppeteer. Yup. Are you impressed? Well, you should be. Anywhoo. My mom is hosting a regional puppetry festival along with a company called One Way Street. Staci, Mandi, Kristen and I are helping out and we’ve got lots of stuff to prepare, write, create and practice before the big weekend in November.

Oh, and we have our own hashtag. So, feel free to follow the puppet drama on twitter: #owsATL

7. Once A Month Mom Tweet Up

once a month cooking

If you’re in the ATL are you coming? Huh? Huh? Huh? It’s THIS Saturday! I want to see you there!

8. Relevant

The Relevant blogging conference is this week. I never feel bad saying, “No, I’m not going.” when someone announces a conference, but when it gets to the day of and people are tweeting and squeeeeing online. Then I start wishing I was there. PLUS, one of the ladies I serve with at church (yes, in the super hero preschool department) is going. She doesn’t even have a blog but she’s going to be seeing all my bff’s that I know online! Somehow, that’s like MORE of a knife to my heart! I’ll just live vicariously through her. *sigh*

9. The Cuteness


OK, so my kids always bring the cuteness. I just couldn’t think of a #9. So, I had to share this. Do you LOVE Asa’s shirt? Birthday gift from my dad, of course!

10. Awesome giveaway TOMORROW to benefit The Mercy House! Please come back tomorrow to find out more!

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  1. Apple orchard…I am jealous! I don’t think we have any in Mississippi.

  2. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately – I like this idea of writing down things to look forward to. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! 🙂 (and ps: yes, the tux shirt is adorable)

  3. Wow, so many things to look forward to.

    I thought about going to Relevant this year too…but I’m just so busy. I know I would have loved it…maybe next year! Are there any blog conferences you do go to?

  4. I have lots of apples that are just waiting for something to be done with them…..please share your recipes!! 🙂

  5. i will take Flat Amanda to Relevant if you’ll take Flat MamaHall to the #oamm TweetUp. we simply can’t be in 2 places at the same time! obviously.

  6. This is the time of fall when I get super-busy with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all coming up. Must. Plan. Ahead. (and all that . . .) – so glad you included “the cuteness” because taking a deep breath and enjoying the cutenss is essential to mental health. 🙂

  7. What a fun list!

    We didn’t get to go apple-picking this year and I am missing me some apples. It just isn’t the same buying them in the store!

    Thanks once again for hosting!

  8. It’s hard reading all those Tweets about conferences when they actually come up, isn’t it? I was originally going to go to Relevant, but then sold my ticket in May. I’m also not going to be going to Blissdom next year, and I know that’s going to be filling my twitter stream even more when that time comes.

  9. Sounds like you have a LOT going on. So is the salted caramel hot chocolate yummy????? I almost tried it the other day but I didn’t. Now I’ll have to!

  10. Give first priority to the cd drive into the bios….

  11. Thanks for sharing your opinions and thoughts this is great article!


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