2009: A Blog In Review

This is my favorite way to recap the year. I mean, honestly, a blogger recapping the year? How vain can you get? Like I don’t document every second of my day anyway. But for some reaosn it makes me laugh to see the first line of my first post of each month. Also, it always gives me incentive to write better first sentences…

So, as my tradition dictates, here is my BLOGGY YEAR IN REVIEW:


You may have done the big countdown last night to ring in the new year.

Ah yes…my countdown was Lostie in nature. And how many days do we have before our Losties return? Why a mere 33 of course! Anyone else ecstatic for the new season and mourning because it’s the last?


I’m taking Mac to the doctor today.

Mac. As in my lovely laptop. I had to get Mac ready for Blissdom. Speaking of which, my sisterchicks and I will be invading Nashville for Blissdom ’10. Will you be there?


Yeah. It snowed. In Georgia. In March. You know, because of Global Warming and all that.


This is my first and very favorite Wordless Wednesday/Retro Photo. It’s my grandfather and I cannot get enough of this picture so I apparently had to re-post it this day! Now, here it is for a 3rd time! You’re welcome.


If you were following my twitter feed this weekend, you’ll know my computer cord is JACKED and will not charge my computer.

Of course. This is my first re-cap post after my Magical Moms trip. Nothing like having your computer die on a blogging trip. Especially one to Disney.


So, Carl Fredrickson…is not your usual leading man.

This is my UP movie review. But really I like the title better than the first line so let’s share that, shall we? Drumroll, please!  Move Over Edward, There’s a New Heart Throb in Town! *snicker*


And another retro photo. This is four generations ending with my mom as a baby! I liked this one because of the very individual (and telling) expressions of each person.


My New Favorite Blog :: :: :: Telling Dad (hoo-boy, this guy is funny. if you’ve been following the BlogHer drama, you have to…listen to his post!)

I featured Telling Dad after running across him on the web. I finally got to meet him face to face at Nestle and he’s just as funny and charming as he is in his blog!


TWO alarm clocks.

Well, obviously this is a Top Ten {Tuesday} post about things that make my life easier. Because TWO alarm clocks do!


A few weeks ago when Nestle contacted me about beginning a relationship with them (their words), I was actually uncertain.

Ahem. I’ll just leave it at that. It’s too early in the morning for bloggy controversy. You can click if you’re feeling up for it.


Today everyone has been a little grumpy.

This post could probably wrap up my motherhood-struggle of the year. It’s the constant struggle to be purposeful, fun, focused and fulfilled as a stay-at-home mom. By far the most transparent post in this list! (Read: CLICK PLEASE.)


We got a new TV on Black Friday.

And now we’re back to more light-hearted materialist posts by yours truly. This post is another Top Ten about my favorite TV shows. *sigh* What can I say? I’m predictable at least.

Thanks to my friend Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife for hosting a Year in Review Carnival today! Go ahead and join—I’d love to see your bloggy year in review! Oh, and speaking of Jo-Lynne, she’ll be guest-posting for me NEXT WEEK as I begin a new weekly series called…uhm…well, I haven’t thought of a great title yet but it will be something like…GETTING READY FOR BLISSDOM: TOP TIPS FROM TOP BLOGGERS! Aren’t you excited?! I am!

Happy New Year to you!!


  1. Ooh, had fun looking at your recap, too! Love the Magical Moms post–we just went to Disney ourselves in November. And hearing another viewpoint of the Nestle hub-bub… thanks for stopping by the blog!
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..plans for 2010 =-.

  2. Great recap! I hope you have a wonderful and “magical” new year, especially in your new “job” as a Disney mom!
    .-= Allison @ Slice of Heaven´s last blog ..2009 Wrap-Up! =-.

  3. We need some snow this year!

  4. Love the Grandpa photo. Love. It.

    And the November post – you absolutely are working! And yes, you’re working for God. Major work, girl, major work. I forget that all the time. Great reminder!

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