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What Are You Doing New Year’s…

So, last December 31, I did this little tag from There Is No Place Like Home. And I guess what they say is true, time speeds up every year–because it feels like I just did this last week. But in the spirit of tradition and i’m-not-sure-what-else-to-post, I thought I’d join up again. (Sorry to TINPLH […]

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Lydia woke up with a fever this morning but she is as happy go lucky as can be now! I’m glad because she and Asa have had little coughs for about two days. Not only that but today is the day the sisterchicks are going to eat CUPCAKES. *sigh* I love me a good cupcake. […]

Get Married or Break Up

I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years. And in those two years, I think blogging has mushroomed. Or tidal-waved. Or something. I’ve seen blogs that I consider “famous” to celebrate their one or two year anniversary! I’ve seen  look-how-cute-my-kids-are blogs turn into influential mommy blogs. And even my little old blog has gone from a […]

Sara Groves is my new BFF

Last year when we were taking the Christmas tree down, I couldn’t move because I was watching Sara Groves DVD about her trip to Africa. Yesterday, we picked up Sara Groves new Christmas album and although it’s not even on the same plane as Africa…you still have to hear it. I found it on video […]

The Day After Christmas And All Through The House…

…all the decorations are being taken down! Really? When do you take your decorations down? I hope not today. I’d love to keep mine up forever but my daughter’s birthday is January 5th. At least it gives me a good cut off date. Anyway, I just wanted to share my very favorite AFTER Christmas tip […]

Merry Merry Christmas

I wish I could send a Christmas card to every one of my bloggy friends! But alas, I didn’t send a card to even one person. I have a newborn. That’s a good excuse, right?! Merry Merry Christmas! Love you all! design by shabby princess

Before Snapfish…

My brother and me. Late 80’s. Shocker. Aren’t you sad you didn’t know me then? You could have got one of these in the mail! The bad thing is that my aunt in California has the one on the bottom HANGING UP in her house. Like right now! 2008! *shudder* Click here and here for […]