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Kings, Missionaries & Moms

“If God calls you to be a missionary, don’t stoop to be a king.” –Jordan Groom I’ve been thinking about this quote all day. I first read it in college and then heard it in a song (Switchfoot, maybe?) and it was one of those quotes that really got me thinking. Most anyone would agree […]

It’s Thursday…

…and I’m not posting about Lost! *sniff*

A Memorial Wordless Wednesday

One of many make-shift cemeteries for US soldiers in Korea during the Korean War. 1951. Photo by my great uncle. (visit more ww here and here) (and go visit Mandi’s lesson in true Wordless Wednesdays!)  

Things I Should Be Doing

1. Packing Lydia’s too small, but laden with memories, clothes into some boxes. 2. Cleaning the bathroom. Including bleaching the stupid moldy shower curtain. 3. Taking a shower. I look and smell lovely after walking in the park and playing on the playground with Lydia this morning. 4. Using our NEW ORECK to vacuum. (You […]

Cracker Bird

Lydia hasn’t had the best experience in the church nursery. She knows when we start walking down the hallway we’re about to leave her all alone. And she starts screaming. She always calms down but the nursery workers have told us several times she won’t let anyone put her down! So yesterday when we got […]

Why I Don’t Read the Newspaper

I bought a Sunday paper today because…well, I wanted to check out the coupons for Memorial Day. How sick is that? A day to honor the millions of men and women who have given their lives for our country and I’m checking out who’s having the best sale on swimsuits. So, after I hit the […]

Welcome to my world!

One of my sisterchicks Mandi has started a blog! I’m abnormally excited about her new endeavor. Mandi is funny, smart and just plain wonderful. So, go visit her, leave her a comment and let her know how sweet the bloggy world is!