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Wordless Wednesday is a Relative Term

This is around 1949-1950. The two oldest people are my great-grandparents. The rest are my great aunts and uncles. The house in the background is my great grandparents house where my grandfather lived as a boy. I just look at each of their faces and would like to know what they’re thinking. See more WW […]

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

I’ve already told you I’m a freak and I have crushes on famous people. Well, today folks, I am officially a groupie (not in the Almost Famous way). That’s right, my bff and I are leaving in the morning for Nashville TN and the 38th Annual GMA Dove Awards! See, it’s really my mom’s fault. […]

Total Random Randomness

So I haven’t posted in 2 or 3 days. My blog stats have plummeted. It’s cool. I’ve just had a c-razy weekend! (scratching head…) (thinking…) And I’m staring at the computer screen trying to remember what we did! I know it was something fun… Oh! My sil and neice and nephew are in town from […]

if i were a book

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365 Days of Pictures

I took a picture of Lydia every day for the first year of her life. I missed a few days here and there, but basically her whole first year is chronicled. I have printed approximately 4 of these pictures. And all 4 of them belong to some other person (i.e. grandparents and aunts). So, if […]

How Good is God?!

Yesterday boomama started Heather‘s day of love. At 9am we had raised $2,000! It continued to go up all day. This morning at 9am we had $10,000! Is that the most amazing thing?! It makes me think about how God is in the details. Heather doesn’t know me from Adam. This is just my impression […]


OK, Losties! Desmond is a monk! Who saw that coming? Well, we should have known…if someone doesn’t have issues with their dad (Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Charlie, Claire, Jin, Sun, Walt), it’s religion (Charlie, Eko, Locke, Rose and even Claire). I knew after last week we weren’t going to get much to propel the […]