Three Links Worth Clicking

1. KidVentures by Jen Murray. 50 fabulous summer-time, get-dirty, make-a-memory with your kids activitites. 2. Michael Hyatt’s What the Internet Is Doing To Our Brains {and What We Can Do About It} podcast. A balanced, empowering message about how to keep media under control in your life. 3. My new post at Family Your Way, Four Ways To […]

Stuff for Saturday

It’s Saturday! It’s kinda gloomy here, but I like rainy, sleepy days. Too bad my kids get stir-crazy. This past week we’ve been playing lots with our cousins–my sister-in-law (and fam) live in Mexico as missionaries  and are in the states for a month. The kids love playing together (aren’t my nieces adorable?)  and Asa […]

So Good I Could Cry!

l-r, top to bottom: went to the Braves game with my in-laws, Lydia learned to tie her shoes, Lydia and I were in our local July 4th parade with her dance class and Asa started tumbling classes! Last night I told Les I needed the night off. So, after we ate dinner (crustless quiche in […]

Stuff To Read {And Love}

Even in the midst of our Summer o’Fun (you know it makes me laugh every time I write that), I’ve been purposeful in keeping our days slow and simple. One day last week all the kids did was do puzzles (like every single puzzle we own) and then they dressed up like Laura and Almanzo […]

Stuff You Might Wanna Look At Once or Twice

I found a new fun app for my phone: PhotoAutomat. The kids loved it. Asa loved it so much he fell out of the last picture. It’s a good time, I tell ya! Now, ready for some fun links? I actually haven’t read much this week, my Google Reader is overflowing. I think maybe I […]

Fabulousness From This Week

Happy Saturday! I haven’t done a good linky-love post in a month of Sundays. I thought it would be fun to share some of the stuff I’ve been reading this week. Oh, and show you a cute picture of Asa pretending to wave his dog’s paw at us. He thinks this is absolutely hilarious and […]

Incredible Love Links & More

Here’s some fun stuff to add to your INCREDIBLE LOVE activities… Books God Loves Me More Than That by Dandi Daley Mackall. I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to this book a billion times. It’s based on Romans 8:39 and has the most beautiful illustrations! Mrs. Rosey Posey and the Baby Bird is another one of […]