Have You Made The Switch?

In case you haven’t made the switch or missed our Backyard Party at my new bloggy space, here’s a wrap of of the fun this week! an airplane costume from Wearables by Kid Constructions (Four winners!) an 11×13 print from Hope Ink (+a 15% discount code for you!) the Redeemed scarf, I Am His necklace […]

It is Time! Oooooh!

The backyard party is ready for you! Come join the fun–and snag your own copy of my new ebook, Praying God’s Word for Your Kids. {And make sure you subscribe over there, because in a few days my internet-guru, Jason from Buzzhive is going to combine all the content on both blogs and redirect all […]

Send Your Sponsored Child a Book {Impress Your SPONSORED Kids}

This is the most horrifying post I’ve ever written. I’m going to tell you to tear up a book. Can you believe it?! It’s just that I’ve found the most perfect book ever for our sponsored kids and I just have to send it to them! I’ve posted about The See With Me Bible before […]

My Top Picks for 31 Days

It’s October which means there are a slew of bloggers (like 1200+) joining with the Nesting Place to write on one topic for 31 days straight! I so totally love these 31 days series. It’s like getting a highly concentrated version of that blogger and their blog! I’ve got about 20 tabs open and I […]

Christmas in a Box

Do you know what this is? Well, yes, it’s my messy basement. But do you know what those two big boxes hold? CHRISTMAS! Inside those boxes are hundreds of gifts for needy kids. We’ve been collecting socks, flip flops, school supplies, toys, crafts and dolls ever since last Christmas. Target and Michael’s are our favorite […]

Helicopter Mom or Airplane Mom?

This weekend was Asa’s Flying Ace Party! And oh, my! It was so fun. I always say that about my kids’ birthdays, but every time I’m surprised at how fun they are! I’m going to give you the play-by-play of the party in a few days but today I wanted to talk about something I’ve […]

My Favorite Books on Prayer

When I first started sharing daily prayers for our kids on Facebook, it was just because it was an easy thing to share. I figured you’d like to have a daily verse as much as I do. I have been so excited when so many of you respond, like and share those small statuses. I […]