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My Favorite Books on Prayer

When I first started sharing daily prayers for our kids on Facebook, it was just because it was an easy thing to share. I figured you’d like to have a daily verse as much as I do. I have been so excited when so many of you respond, like and share those small statuses. I […]

Asa Ace, dotMom and a Word For You

Our roadtrip to Birmingham for the dotMom event started with a birthday celebration for my Ace. We opened airplane gifts, ate at a famous meat-and-three and visited the Southern Museum of Flight. I really didn’t even know what a Flying Ace was before we got to the museum.  I mean, I know Snoopy fights the […]

Grandpa’s Handwriting

Yesterday my mom gave me an envelope from 1978. Inside was a stock certificate. For my 1st birthday, my Grandfather bought me 40 shares in a company that developed the first ATM. I should be a millionaire, right? Sadly, my mom traded it for stock in a company that made 3D cameras. Regardless of my […]

Six Months Later…

Well, hello there! Remember I told you I might be back for Asa’s birthday party in September? Well, here it is two days before Asa’s birthday and I’m posting! On ohAmanda! Like actual blogging! I’m here because I’ve got a big announcement–no, not a baby. Or a farm. But some fun news nonetheless. And I […]

I Have Something {BIG} To Tell You

I’m nervous. I’m sitting on my couch, pillow between my lap and my blazing laptop, nervous. I’ve got some big news that in reality isn’t really all that big. It’s bloggy-big. But not like earth-shattering, save-a-small-country big. But I’m nervous because I don’t know how to tell you about it! Is it ok if I […]

Apple Print Bags

It’s 4:25 in the afternoon. And my kids are in the bathtub. Why? Because Asa had a little accident during his nap. Which has not happened in months. Of course, I had just put his newly laundered comforter on his bed the day before. So, we’re off to wash every piece of bedding again. *sigh* […]

New Books for New Readers

Every day Lydia is at school she gets to pick out a new book from her class library. This book must be read out loud and then a mini book report filled out and turned in the next day. She loves showing off her new book and I love hearing her read to me. (And […]