My Favorite Easter & Resurrection Day Books {2012}

I know I’ve mentioned some of our favorite Resurrection Day/Easter books in the past few weeks. I know I’ve even blogged about some of them over the years. But as I was looking through my archives, they were not all put together in one nice spot. Until today! If you’re looking for some books that tell the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, you have come to the right place!

best resurrection day books

1. Benjamin’s Box

Leigh did a beautiful post about this book a few years ago. It goes perfectly with the Resurrection Eggs. You can probably find this one at your local Christian bookstore, so run out and grab it before this weekend!

2. The Legend of the Three Trees

This is a Christmas AND Easter book which is why I love it. It tells the whole story of Jesus’ life.

It’s a beautiful story about 3 trees who want to do big things and really make a difference in the world–as a treasure box, a king’s royal ship and a sign to God. Their dreams turn out differently when they become a manger, a fishing boat and a cross. It might make you cry.

(There are several versions of this book. I have the one above. But I’d really like this one from one of my favorite authors, Angela Hunt. And this one looks nice, too. PLUS, you can see it on YouTube, too!)

3. Jesus Storybook Bible

But, you knew that already.

4. The Parable of the Lily

And again.

5. See With Me Bible

Asa has read this for naps and bedtimes every single day for the past 6 nights. He says, “I know which story I want to read. Jesus dying on the cross.” He LOVES this book. You will appreciate the detail the illustrator has put into cartoon pictures!

{Apparently, this book is out of print. It’s $25+ on Amazon. I found it for $11 on but it’s in Spanish, which I guess doesn’t really matter as it’s 99% wordless. The illustrator, Dennis Jones also did my favorite Kids’ Bible called The SuperHero Bible. This would be a good gift for Easter, too!}

6. The Story of the Easter Robin

This one is kind of a hard one for little kids because it’s a folktale within the real Easter story. But I still like it because it’s low on the Easter-bunny side of things. Here’s my original review!

7. Easter In The Garden

This is one of my favorites. The illustrations are adorable, the story is sweet, serious and funny. It’s another one that is a fictional story based during the true story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. It’s told from a child’s perspective and that’s why I think it works so well for kids!

8. Easter, Easter Almost Here!

This is a Palm Sunday book and I am bummed because I cannot find the book this year! It’s a fun board book told in rhyme with some modern, sparkly illustrations. This is a great one for littles–and one you’ll be able to quote after a few times through!

9. The Easter Story

This is a straightforward telling of Holy Week. It’s fun because it’s got flaps to lift and has non-scary pictures of the cross.

10. Journey, Easter Journey!

Dandi Daley Mackall is one of my favorite authors. This book is similar to her Thanksgiving book in that it is a rhyme with a repeated phrase. This book is super cool to me because it begins with Christmas and even includes Jesus trip to Egypt as a baby! The illustrations are a little weird to me but I really like the story and rhyme!


The Very First Easter {I’ve actually never read this, but IYK contributor, Leigh posted about it once!}

The Story of the Resurrection Eggswith Miss Pattycake {My kids love Miss Pattycake and if you have the Resurrection Eggs, this is a fun board book to go with them!}

I kinda get riled up about Easter books. So many of them show a bunny, a basket full of eggs and then say, “What is Easter really about?” And all that is fine. It’s good! I want kids to see the differences. But oh, how I want them to know, internalize and love the REAL story of Jesus. The real story of the Resurrection is the best story of all and has stood alone for centuries!

Are there any I’m missing? What’s your favorite Jesus-centered Easter Resurrection Day book for kids?



  1. Sweet list – I need to purchase a few of those…Thank you, Amanda!

  2. We are reading the Story Book Bible this week & The Legend of the Three Trees. We love that book, so much room for discussion! Last night, we read another book, The Very First Easter. It’s from Zondervan, various author’s. I really liked the break down of the story of Easter & has scriptures to go over, as well. Thanks for this list!!

  3. We love Benjamin’s Box.

  4. Not Easter but Palm Sunday, have you read or have an opinion about R C Sproul’s new book? I was thinking about ordering it but haven’t read it yet.

  5. Another one that I like is My Easter Basket which goes through the different colors that represent different parts of the Easter Story.

  6. Amanda–you feel like a friend to me! Our family is loving the “Sense of the Resurrection.” I love Easter, and it has been such fun to find a blog that seems to speak my heart, and echo my desire to impress my kids. Thanks for your ministry to me this Easter season. Yesterday we put our nail marks on our hands, and my daughter just had to put them on her feet too. And today, we had major thunderstorms, and tornados (in Dallas area)…and my kids and I read the story of the darkness, and earthquake after Jesus’s death from our bathtub. It was real life experience. Every story and sense has left an impression. Thank you!

  7. These are great; I’ve been looking for Easter books that focus on more than bunnies and eggs. Thanks!

  8. I love Easter Eggs for Anya. I love how the girl has a special ‘praying place’ as I had one when I was a girl and would go there to have intimate talks with Jesus.

    I love the illustrations in “On that Easter Morning” and also love the Arch book, “Grandfather’s Story” which ties in the birth of Christ to the death and Resurrection!

    And of course, The Tale of the Three Tree’s is a favorite around here!

  9. We just found an older copy of this book at Goodwill last week. It’s called The Best Thing About Easter and our kids really liked it. It talks about Easter eggs, candy, and getting dressed up for church on Easter Sunday, but then tells how those aren’t the best parts of Easter. The ending is just so sweet. My favorite line says, “but Jesus did not stay dead. Oh, no he did not!”

    The newer version has different illustrations that I don’t like as much, but the story is the same.


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