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Easter Lily

Last week Lydia had an Easter party at school. I of course, volunteered to help at it. I volunteer for every party. So, the kids are always exited to see me coming (at least I think they are!) We did a color-coded egg hunt. I gave each kid a bag with colors on them. They […]


Remember our unEaster Basket tradition? This week get ready to find and win lots of cool Bible-based, faith-building, Christ-centered gifts for you and your kids! I’m very passionate about hanging up God’s Word and reminders of God’s Word throughout my house. Even if they are only construction paper signs, I still want them plastered everywhere! […]

Fish Breakfast: Resurrection

This is it! Our final day of A Sense of the Resurrection series! Tomorrow is exactly 10 days till Easter Sunday. So, if you’re going to do this series as written, tomorrow would be the day! Today’s activity is SMELL! The story is one of the many stories of Jesus appearing to his disciples. I […]

Angel: Resurrection

Today’s part of the Resurrection story is my kids’ favorite! They shriek with laughter when we read it (probably because we read it from the See With Me Bible). It’s the story of the angel rolling the stone away and the soldiers falling over from fright. For some reason they think this is hilarious! We […]

Sealed Tomb: Resurrection

This morning we flew kites. It has nothing to do with the Resurrection but it was so gloriously fun and beautiful I thought you should see… Isn’t that lovely? Before we headed up where the air is clear, we did our Resurrection activity. Which I personally LOVED. Today’s sense is TOUCH and we’re going to […]

Earthquake: Resurrection

Yesterday was one of the crazy days where you’re at home for like ten minutes in 15 hours. We were at church, a local blogging event, meeting up with my parents (who my kids ended up spending the night with), out to eat twice and to the movies so our Sense of the Resurrection activity […]

Vinegar: Resurrection

I wasn’t super excited about this day’s activity. I knew I wanted to do the vinegar because it shows up in all four gospels. Jesus is offered vinegar with myrrh which he refuses (presumably because he didn’t want to dull the pain), then just before He dies he says, “I’m thirsty!” and they offer him […]