one, two, three,

four, five…

and SIX!

My Lydia is six years old today! We’ve already played her new game (Trouble …you have to get a SIX to get your game piece out of home!), tried on her new light up boots (they’re too little! *sniff*), ate pancakes with apple butter (her fave) and are hoping to get school knocked out in a couple of hours!

I thought I would mourn every year on my kids’ birthdays. I was afraid I’d miss their baby-ness from the previous years. But I actually love my kids’ birthdays because my heart grows with them. This past year has been a big one for Lydia since she started Kindergarten. I love seeing how she’s matured. It only makes me all the more excited for Six!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


  1. Six is a biggie! Happy birthday!! Oh, Amanda, they do grow so quickly…you blink once, and they’re walking…blink again, and they’re showing you pictures of wedding dresses…Can’t somebody come up with an app to keep them little?? But you’re right; our hearts do grow right along with them. May all of Lydia’s birthday wishes come true, and may you both have a blessed day!!
    Tere F.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LYDIA!!!! What a wonderful day to celebrate! We are so happy you were born 6 years ago – All our love, your friends from Richmond, Elias and Donovan

  3. Thanks for sharing. Today is my little guy’s third. I love watching him grow every day. Happy birthday, Lydia (and Max)!

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