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Lightning Fast Faith: Elijah

source: net_efekt Today I told my kids the story of Elijah and the Prophets of Baal. I had them sit on the floor (criss-cross-applesauce) and told them to listen very closesly to my story. I explained that if they heard any part of my story they thought was NOT true, to stand up as fast […]

New Things: Top Ten {Tuesday}

So. Have you done anything new lately? I have. Well, they aren’t super exciting like jumping out of an airplane or anything. But I thought they deserve at least a little bit of attention. Ready? Are you salivating at this topic? I know you are. TOP TEN NEW THINGS I’VE DONE LATELY (AND IF THEY […]

Incredible Love Links & More

Here’s some fun stuff to add to your INCREDIBLE LOVE activities… Books God Loves Me More Than That by Dandi Daley Mackall. I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to this book a billion times. It’s based on Romans 8:39 and has the most beautiful illustrations! Mrs. Rosey Posey and the Baby Bird is another one of […]

I Cannot Come Down

Remember my Nehemiah post at (in)courage? And how my pastor preached the same sermon a few weeks later? And they handed out window clings at church to remind us that “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down”? Well, I emailed the church and asked if they had any extra window clings […]

Love Your Neighbor Paper Heart Garland {Incredible Love}

Pin It Can I be honest? This week of INCREDIBLE LOVE has been hard for me. I’ve wanted to lash out at my kids, roll my eyes and breathe heavy aggravated sighs at almost everything they do. Today I had a few minutes before lunch and was planning on doing this activity with them but […]

Incredible Love!

I’m so glad we’re on to our 3rd characteristic of a super hero! This one is appropriate as Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Today we’re talking about INCREDIBLE LOVE! There are some awesome love verses and it took me a long time to choose which one I wanted! (I’m still hanging onto Psalm 97 […]

A Conversation with Siri: Top Ten {Tuesday}

  So. My iPhone. I kinda love it. Jo-Lynne just posted about how she still kinda misses her Android. But I am flat out in love with my iPhone. And Siri, the voice of my iPhone can help me do almost anything. I can tell her, “Remind me to email So-and-So” and she will! I […]