On Friends…

photo courtesy of Becky's phone

I’m supposed to write for five minutes on my friends.

Five minutes?

On the girls I met when I was 4?

The girls I giggled with at all the wrong times?

The girls I gave flowers to at my wedding?

The girls I worked with? Sweated with?

Served with? Cried with?

pretty sure this is Beck's phone, too

The girls that have been a part of every single season of my life? Every single place I’ve been, they’ve been? Every single thing I’ve done, they’ve done?

Who gets friends like that? Why was I blessed with girls that will cry when mentioning another’s name? Or offer to fast when one is going through a hard time? Or treat my kids as their own? Will clean out my parent’s house at a moment’s notice? Or will make a joke at just the right time? Or remember that “one time we…” just when we needed to remember?

yet another camera phone picture

My sisterchicks. I don’t know how it happened. Why we’re still friends. Or how we’ve stayed together this long. But I’m so thankful that God put a crazy group of little girls together in that church a long long time ago. I need every one of them for the different strengths and joys they bring to my life.

linked to my real and true friend, Lisa-Jo, the Gypsy Mama and her fabulous Five Minute Friday!


  1. I love when it’s so obvious that God puts friends together. What a unique situation you have to have had friends for such a long time. Beautiful!

  2. Are you serious with this?? I’m sitting here in 6th period and about to have tears well up in my eyes while my 6th graders are making a pamphlet of the layers of the earth.

    Love you.

    (And I love how ~I’m~ in every picture 🙂 )

  3. Omg- love you girls! It’s amazing that we are all so close after all of these years Forever friends. Like Brown Shugah Sprinkles…I also love that I’m in every picture…although two were taken on my phone. Lol.


  4. Having met almost all of you in real life, I will say that you ladies have an AMAZING gift in your friendships with one another. It is a beautiful God thing that not only awes me but inspires me. I think the greatest thing is that none of you take these friendships for granted. Instead, you treasure them and nurture them. It truly is a beautiful thing to watch.

  5. what a blessing!

  6. that is seriously awesome! I thought I was lucky cause I’ve had my bestie since we were about 11 – in touch now with friendships from the good ole days (facebook) but wow- 4 years old & your church sisters – awesome!
    (my fb connections are with a group of girls I went to Christian school with – so it’s special to catch up and see what everyone is doing but we all got scattered) !!

  7. That is so sweet. I have recently gotten back in touch with some friends with whom I lost contact a few years ago. Now, we are excited about getting together again to hang out.

  8. I think it’s so awesome how much you cherish those friendships. I don’t know if it was because we all changed or moved around so much, but I’m not close with many of the people I was friends with when I was younger and I always wonder if we could have done better and stayed closer. So keep cherishing what you’ve got because it really is a blessing and a testament to how dedicated you girls are to each other 🙂

  9. You girls look just the same as you did way back then. I am so happy that all of you stayed friends throughout the times. It’s rare that friendships last, but your group is a true testimony that children need to be in church, raised up in a children’s church that shares God’s word and families that profess that truth. It’s so hard to believe you guys are so old but Cindy and I are still the same!

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