Relaxing & Reading {A Nook & Nestle Giveaway!}

This weekend was Camp Primo! For the uninitiated, that’s my parents’ Grandparent/Cousin camp. They take all the grandkids on a 3 day trip complete with creek-stomping, campfires and arts & crafts! But the most important thing for you to notice about this is that I DO NOT HAVE ANY CHILDREN WITH ME. My husband and I celebrated our two days of kid-less-ness by going to the mountains. Our friends have a cabin (which really, would be better described as a log PALACE) in Tennesse that is just gorgeous. Here’s the view:

We slept late, we went out to eat, we lounged in the hot tub and we even did this:


Yup. That’s me on a zipline. Do I look cool or what?! (Don’t answer that.)

The other thing I did was read. One morning I got up, wrapped a blanked around me and sat on a rocking chair on the porch. Overlooking the mountains, I pulled out my husband’s iPad and read. I have recently discovered e-reader apps. There’s iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Sony e-reader and more! AND there are loads of free books online to download! In the last few weeks I’ve read Sixteen Brides, Love Finds You in Homestead, Iowa, She’s in a Better Place, My Heart Remembers, She Always Wore Red, Waterfall, Cascade and Stuck in the Middle . That’s like 8 books. And almost all of them were free. The other ones I bought with swagbucks!

Then I discovered Nook Kids which is like it’s own app for kids–and they have kids’ books that you can read by yourself or it has the audio version on it, too! The kids have a Rudyard Kipling book, an I Can Read book and even Curious George. They love reading on it! (I do, too. It’s super cool.)

Anywhoo. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to keep commandeering the iPad for my own personal reading pleasure or if I’m going to ask for an e-reader for Christmas. (I kinda like that idea because I could slip it in my purse or keep it with me whenever I wanted!) Any insight from someone who has an e-reader? What do you recommend? What pitfalls have you found with them?

Speaking of e-readers how would you like to WIN A NOOK?

*insert squealing*

I knew you would! I’m literally salivating over this giveaway today. Nestle has been doing this fabulous campaign for Happy New {School} Year. They are giving away a $2000 Literacy Grant for your school, $5000 for back-to-school stuff, daily $50 prizes along with some really cool ideas for snacks, lunches and crafts. Honestly, you can always find a fun idea on their website or facebook page.

Also, I have to mention that Nestle (their PR firm) is compensating me for this post. But part of the reason I accepted this is because some of the compensation is $350 worth of books for Lydia’s school! I am SO excited to bring these books to her teacher! I’m gonna feel like Santa! Only skinnier. And less hairy.

win a nook

Now, let’s get on to the prize! If you win you will receive a Nook e-reader, a mix of free coupons from STOUFFER’S, TOLL HOUSE Refrigerated Cookie Dough and Morsels, JUICY JUICE, NESQUIK, TOMBSTONE, OVALTINE, product from WONKA, a $3 off coupon from BOOST Kid Essentials, a CARNATION BREAKFAST ESSENTIALS $1 off coupon, an OVALTINE straw dispenser and coupon book. That is FUN stuff! Just imagine reading curled up with your Nook and all that yumminess!

And just how can you win this? Well, I’m kinda over the whole bajillion comment thingie. So, let’s just do it the old-fashioned way:

Leave me a comment with your favorite book of all time (or kids’ fave book) and you’ll be entered to win!

Of course, if you want to tweet or facebook about this giveaway, I’d be honored! I made it easy for you–there’s some handy dandy little buttons right at the bottom of this post for you to use! I’ll pick a winner this Saturday (10/01)–it’s open to US only. Thanks again to Nestle for the fabulous prizes and for encouraging reading!



  1. My favorite book of all time is “Til We Have Faces” by C.S. Lewis. Such a beautiful story of what it means to be truly beautiful and valued.

  2. My favorite book is The Bear’s House by Marilyn Sachs!

  3. My favorite book???? I really, really like Redeeming Love. I guess that would have to be my fav.

  4. gina annis says:

    My favorite book ever would be The Good Earth. I hope this is where I can be entered to win some of that great stuff! 🙂


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