Love Your Husband

Day 10 - Hand Hearts

I remember  watching my mom and dad hold hands when I was little. I saw them ride in the car together without arguing or bickering. I watched them cry with laughter at inside jokes.

I never had a doubt that my parents loved each other.

And their bond gave me security. I felt safe in my family because I knew it couldn’t be splintered. Their love for each other was an example of their love for me.

Now as a mother, I see that letting my children know I love their father is a gift to them. Having a relationship with my husband that is real, true, and deep helps my kids feel secure in our family.

But now I also realize how hard my parents must have worked at having a good relationship. Marriage is not something that comes naturally just as parenting doesn’t come naturally.

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  1. I agree! Marriage and parenting is hard work!

  2. you are lucky to have such great parents and such good example i didnt have… it is wonderful you can see the efort they made !

  3. i agree. i believe that if you want to get the best – you have to work hard for this, and in relationship you must know how to be patient with each other.


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