potty training

Last week I tried potty-training my 2.5 year old son.

Some of you are already snickering because you know all the drama that goes into that one sentence. My daughter was potty trained in 2 days at the age of 24 months. My son spent an entire week in Buzz Lightyear underwear and we did not see one peepee-in-the-potty.

By day 5 I was reaching my limit.

I had cleaned potty off the floor too many times to count, I had changed my son’s clothes so often that the only thing he had to wear was mismatched too little pajamas and I hadn’t left the house in days.

The final straw was when my daughter began to offer her professional potty training experience in the middle of me wiping up potty, cooking dinner, and changing a soaking wet little boy.

I turned around and yelled at her. Harshly. Rudely.

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  1. I doubt you are asking for advise, but just in case….one thing you might try is putting a pull-up (or one of those plastic diaper covers, if they make those things anymore) on over the underwear. this will cause him to feel/be wet when he has an accident, but no mess to clean up (just wet underwear).

    I am so so sorry that potty training is not going smoothly. I didn’t start with my son (who was also the second child) until he was three. by that time he was VERY ready. maybe take a break and revisit potty training in a few weeks? Just an unsolicited thought, again. 🙂

    • I think you’re right, Deanne. I was thinking of waiting a month and then trying it again. The thing is he can hold it all day. But then he will NOT go on the potty so once or twice a day there would just be this huge accident on the floor. UGH.

      I like the idea of underwear + pullup. Hmmm…

  2. I hope you have better luck when you try again! I do think that most need to wait longer for boys. I waited with Kevin, the forth and only boy, till he was over three. The first day was just as you describe… all day long back breaking floor cleaning and laundry every couple hours! But the next day it was like he thought it over in his sleep and knew exactly what he needed to do. He hated the timer and being told ‘lets go try’ so he’s a bit controlling like his mama and decided he would do this NOW and get it done! There are a ton of tips on CafeMom for potty training… I feel like you have to pick the technique that is best for your child’s personality. Ella had to have the timer and a good friend of mine actually taught her as I could not get her to cooperate with me! **HUGS**

  3. Try not to stress, boys are known to take much longer. Mine sure did.

  4. Oh, my dear.
    I am potty training my 2-year-old son over here as well. and it is NOT GOING WELL. If we lived closer, I would recommend we run away for chocolate and wine some night ((hug))

  5. oh sweetie! been there. too many times i have used a forceful tone when it was undeserved. and like you….i say i am sorry. isn’t it amazing the grace and love these kiddos have for us??? never once have they denied forgiveness or even hesistated! god is revealing himself through them, isn’t he??

    great post.

  6. Been there! I apologize A LOT to my kids. I’m very quick with my tongue, so while I work on that (*cough*), I try to make sure I apologize just as quickly. It’s very humbling to get down on my knees and look my kids in the eyes and say I’m sorry. And hey, while you’re down there, why not clean up more pee? ‘Cause that’s always fun. Hang in there, girl.

  7. So, just out of curiosity what was Lydia’s advice?!? 😉 ((HUGS))

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