And it begins…

Tonight? A double church service—first a Pajama party for the preschoolers. My husband and I will be leading Christmas songs. Then the non-preschool Christmas Night of Worship service (where I guess I’ll *still* be wearing PJs) after that. I’m pretty excited (About church. Not the PJs.)

Then tomorrow? My husband’s birthday.

Friday? My mom’s birthday.

Saturday? Jesus’ birthday. Which means celebrating at our house in the morning, my in-law’s house after that and then back to my house with my family.

Sunday? No church. It’s a gift from our church to the volunteers and staff. We get to sleep off the Christmas buzz.

Monday? Basic sleeping late, eating leftovers and getting my gift ready for…


Wednesday? I might venture to Barnes & Noble to check out the half-priced Christmas books. And maybe Hallmark to see if there are any cute ornaments on sale.

Thursday? My sister-in-law are having a Step Up 3 party. Yup. For realz.

Friday? New Year’s Eve. Yeah, I’ll probably be ringing in the New Year by staring at the back of my eyelids.

Plus, Candace is coming to town. And I heard rumors of Camp Primo: The Winter Wonderland Retreat. So, with all that taking place, I may or may not be around the old blog too much. Or I might get bored and post twice a day. I dunno. Let’s put it this way—my drafts folder is empty.

Merry almost-Christmas!


  1. Whew, I can’t believe you’ve thought that far ahead. We’re just now planning which Christmas Eve service to go to. Actually, we just planned what we’re doing tonight. Hope you enjoy your holiday plans, they sound fun!

  2. I’m stopping by to say you look so stinkin’ fun and spunky.

    And I hope you’re going to Blissdom, so I can meetcha.

    And and can I come to the Step Up 3 party tonight. I adore watching dance movies while pigging out on junk food. My favorite past-time.

  3. I can so relate :), This week is super busy.

  4. You have a really tight week Amanda, much like most moms in these holidays. For instance, I have to prepare the dinner for tonight which I like it but no so much as I have to cook for both families: my husband’s and mine. In addition, tomorrow I will spend all day with my mother in law, I hope the gifts for my children will keep them busy.

    Merry Christmas.

  5. just found your blog and LOVE it!!!!

    For new years eve I’ll be in bed asleep by 10 yep i’m boring. So we celebrate New Years at noon hey its new years somewhere right and my girls 4 and 10 years old) have fun! 🙂

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