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{I Want To Be Wilder is taking a break this week so I can share something really wild with you…}

When we found out my dad was sick (speaking of which, I need to do an update soon!) you might remember I called my sisterchicks to come help me out. We spent a few hours making some freezer meals and talking about how God had ridiculously blessed us to have each other in our lives. Every day I am thankful for their huge support of me and my family.

Once most of my chickies got involved in the bloggy world and then after our big trip to Blissdom this year we added a few new ladies to the fold (the coop? the henhouse? the nest?). The 9 of us spend waaay too much time skyping, tweeting and generally hanging out online. It’s very hard to describe if you’ve never met or had online friends. But I can say without hesitation that all the sisterchicks—near and far are hugely part of my family and my heart.

Last week a few of us were on Skype talking about who knows what (and using all sorts of emoticons, I’m sure) when Jen (the fabulous QuatroMama of 4tunate.net) got on to chat. She had been having a hard time, not just that day but for several days—her quadruplets were sick (that’s 4 THREE YEAR OLD BOYS, folks!), she was sick (like needing steroids sick), her mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer, her father has had a reoccurance of cancer and she was just OVER it.


Right then, Tricia wrote, “Let’s pray for Jen. Five minutes. Let’s type our prayers.” And folks, if you had been there, you would have felt it. Say whatever you want about emotions and God and goosebumps, but He was there. In our Skype conversation. We all prayed for Jen for 5 minutes and we were all crying at the end of it. It was a precious hug, a sweet shower and a circling the wagons for Jen…and for the rest of us.

Jen had to check on the quads (4 THREE YEAR OLD BOYS!) at bedtime so as soon as she left our chatroom we all kind of looked at each other (well, sorta) and said, “Dang. I wish we could do something for her. Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring her a meal or something?” Alas, none of even live in the same state as Jen. Suddenly a light bulb went off in our heads and we rallied all the sisterchicks together (“to thebatcave”). We started a private chatroom and said, “How can we do something nice for Jen?”


And our 4tunate $4 Friends was born. We are going to take the next FOUR days to ask you to join us in sending a virtual casserole to Jen’s house by donating FOUR dollars to 4tunate $4 Friends. Every penny will go to Jen so she can stock her freezer and her pantry full of food. We even asked some big Once-a-Month-Mom cooks if they’d like to get involved and next Saturday one of them is literally showing up at Jen’s door to bring her food. Someone who just heard about Jen and joined their heart with ours. They are going to be our hands and feet to deliver some love to Jen.

Would you like to do the same? Just click the button below and $4 will be sent to Jen. If you don’t have 4 bucks, could you spend 4 minutes in prayer? You can write the prayer, say it while your doing the dishes or driving your car. But I know she’ll feel it just as clearly as we did a few weeks ago.

Jen, I love you girlfriend! I’m in awe of your strong determination, your amazing faith and your encouraging spirit. I hope you feel this is the next best thing to me showing up on your doorstep with dinner! xxoo

Check out the BlogHop below to visit the other sisterchicks blogs for more 4tunate $4 Friends posts…and if YOU want to get the word out for us (we’d LOVE that!) by posting on your blog, please leave the URL in the BlogHop below. Your link will show up on all the sisterchicks’ sites!


  1. Love it Amanda!! *I’m in awe of Jen too – like seriously – in awe!!

  2. What an amazingly written post, I have tears in my eyes. Wiping tears to start celebration!

  3. Oh.
    This is what I woke up to….
    I’m BLOWN away. I feel soooooooo grateful, so overwhelmed with everything…I can’t believe I have friends this lovely!

    Thanks you just doesn’t come close to covering it.

    I love you DEARLY.

  4. Of everything awesome in this post, one phrase sticks out in my mind, “I called my sisterchicks.” It hit me, how many times have I needed or wanted help but never reached out to anyone? Yeah, that would be like counting the stars!

    I needed that reminder that my friends love me and would be very willing to lend a hand but I have ask for it. How many times have I found out after the fact that someone was going through a difficult time and I thought, “Oh, I wish I had known!” I can’t read my friends’ minds and no one is going to read mine. There’s no shame in asking for some assistance from time to time, especially when you know you’d do it for someone else in a heartbeat.

    Thank you, Amanda!

    • Malia! Thank you for such a beautiful comment. It’s true, tho’ isn’t it? When I first moved into our new house I asked some friends to help me unpack boxes and one of them said (very nicely) “you’re brave”. And it hit me the same way as you said—they were totally willing to help, just as I would have been. But I never ask!

  5. You #sisterchicks you!!!! This is so amazing and a true representation of the body of Christ, and the sisterhood He wants for us!

  6. This? Is awesome. I am continually amazed by the wonderful people I’ve met online. So amazed. Adding my prayers.

  7. I donated. Holy cow, one three-year-old boy in my house has brought me to my knees more than once. She deserves $4 just for having four of them! Wow.

  8. Love you heart. Thanks for this opportunity

  9. I love. love. love
    I adore Jen, she’s one of the most amazing women that I’ve been blessed enough to meet.

    LOVE this.

  10. $4 and 4X4

  11. Can I say, “Wow!!!” Inspiring blog. Amazing woman and sisterhood. She deserves $4 and the prayer. Prayers going out and donation to follow.

  12. I am SO behind in my reader, and have missed this post all week! What an amazing and incredible idea!! This is what our blogging (and CHRISTIAN) communities should be about! I am stopping to pray right now for Jen, and for all of you amazing women who put this idea into motion!! Would love to be a part of it as well!


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