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Where Have I Gone Wrong?!

Lydia: “Mommy, I like Mickey Mouse better than Jesus.” Me: “Lydia, Mickey is pretend. Jesus is real.” Lydia: “Oh, well. What I meant to say is I like Mickey AND Jesus.”

Retro Photo: 91 Never Looked So Good

My great-grandmother’s brother. 1918. (Can you believe this picture is 91 years old?)

Top Ten {Tuesday}: My Kitchen Table

It’s rainy. We’re still pajama-ed. And I thought you would want to know what’s on my kitchen table right now. You do, right? Even if you don’t, here are the TOP TEN THINGS ON MY KITCHEN TABLE. (Wouldn’t you like to know if there are more?) 1. A pumpkin. 2. Red napkins left over from […]

Bloggers Care: Operation Christmas Child!

This is so exciting!  Sarah from Real Life is coordinating an Operation Christmas Child Carnival – a lot of things are happening for this carnival, leading up to a live shoebox packing party on November 5th (see Sarah’s blog for details!). I heard of Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child soon after I became a believer […]

GUEST POST: Skipping Halloween by LeighAnn Crawford

I’m so excited to share this guest post with you. I met LeighAnn when I was a part of a church-planting team in Florida. She is a mom to three and a strong woman of God. Plus she’s cute and funny! She blogs at Devoted Living. In the fall of 1975, my parents agreed that […]

Bloggers Care: Operation Christmas Child

“Mommy, do you know what I want for Christmas?” Lydia asked me the other day. “What, baby?” Surprised that she’s thought this far in advance. “I want one of those dolls that move and make noise and you have to take care of them. Can you get me that, pleeeeeease? If there was one toy […]

My New Favorite

Shirt :: :: :: Sword Heart Fashion Hoodie from C28 Real Life Adventure That I Want To Be A Part Of :: :: :: Improv Everywhere Tumblr I’m Totally Contributing To As Soon As I Look Thru My Parent’s Pictures :: :: :: My Parents Were Awesome Cause You Should Give Some Money To :: […]