The ACE Party: Decor

Now, onto the decor…

I didn’t do much. Well, I did. I just did the same thing everywhere. I made the card garlands

playing card garland

(just cut a slit in the middle of the card and thread some fat ribbon. this one had about 20 cards on it.)

playing card garland
(we did horizontal and vertical garlands. this one was asa’s birthday 9/20/08.)

tissue paper balls

(tissue paper puff balls. i found several tutorials online but basically: 10 sheets, accordian fold, tie in middle, fluff.)

card decor
(pictures of Asa, month by month. oh, and we used leftover cards taped together as cute little table tents.)

And there you have it: the ACE party!

:: :: ::

In case you missed it, here are the ACE food, diy activities & games and the diy invitations!


  1. Hi Amanda,
    I have emailed you a few times before asking ideas for parties for me but now its time for me to do something in return….On one of your posts you mentioned about how you would love to have an “Alice in Wonderland theme” for Lydia’s party ….I was looking at some blogs this morning and found one I’m sure you might like…. Hope it helps!

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Sorry for writing another reply but here is another link from the same website with other alice in wonderland stuff.. The cake is gorgeous and would have worked for Asa’s party too!

  3. What a great, original idea!

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