He is more awesome!

He is more awesome than all who surround Him.  Psalm 89:7

I chose this verse for Elias and me to work on so he could begin to respect God in his heartnothing is more awesome than God… no one deserves respect, adoration, and devotion more than God!

Hey – God is so awesome, He made the stars!!! And a 3 year old with a fascination for all things spacey can really get in to that…

…so we painted stars on our window!  We didn’t have any real window paint or window markers, so we made our own…


…with shaving cream and food coloring.  Note: do not use shave gel.  I cannot imagine anything but a mess with that…


Mix together a healthy amount of shaving cream and a couple drops of food coloring (I used way too much shaving cream – I filled up a large yogurt container with it!  No need to do that unless you are going to cover every window in your house with the stuff).   You can just eyeball it – when you get to the color you want, stop adding food coloring.


I cut out a couple stars out of card stock and held them on the window while Elias “painted” the star with our shaving cream concoction.  He painted 2 stars, and then he moved on to taking pictures of me finishing up the project.


Good shot, kiddo!


We painted 5 stars, and then we added our memory verse to the window as well…



I globbed the shaving cream on the stars because I didn’t want it all to dissipate as the shaving cream evaporated… and I think it would’ve been OK even with just a thin coat. The places that the shaving cream was painted on thicker are still more yellow (second picture is 4 hours later), but you can still see everything that was painted on thinly, too.


While we painted the stars, we talked about how awesome it was that God made the stars, and how much fun He must’ve had creating something so beautiful for us!  We repeated the verse a couple times, too, and when I took Elias’s picture, I told him to say “God is awesome!” instead of “cheese.”  This stuck with him a while, because I heard him repeating (in Rhino’s voice from the movie Bolt) “God. is. AWESOME!”


I’m going to continue on this for a while – Elias is very much into things and people being awesome, big, and strong, and I pray that learning about how awesome, big, and strong God is will replace whatever is in the first place spot in his heart right now.



  1. AWESOME post, Leigh. This is the kinda stuff I love to hear. I love WHY you chose the verse and activity—b/c he’s so into awesome/big/strong. Such great mama-insight…to use what he loves to plant a God seed!

    (did that make any sense? i’m just seriously impressed!)
    .-= oh amanda´s last blog ..My Ace of Hearts =-.

  2. I love this! I would have never thought of doing that with shaving cream! Awesome!
    .-= Real Life Sarah´s last blog ..Get Real: Local vs National Blogging, Monetization, Setting PR boundaries for Your Blog! =-.


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