I Didn’t Know I Had The Winter Blues Till The Sun Came Out

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Saturday was a balmy 72 degrees. Balmy, I tell you! After a full day of packing, we let Lydia strap on her helmet and rider her skuut bike in the driveway. It was so incredibly fun. After that we played with sidewalk chalk and ran around in the yard.

And I felt my heart and spirit buoyed. I am not kidding. I honestly felt like I came out of a fog yesterday. I remember posting once about connecting with God when I’m surrounded by nature. Now don’t be decieved, I am not an outdoorsy girl. I don’t hike or swim or garden. But just being outside surrounded by birds and flowers blossoms dead grass was rejuvenating!

The only, I repeat, ONLY thing I’m going to miss about this house is our tree. Remember our tree? It’s the most beautiful white and pink dogwood surrounded by pink and white and fuschia azaleas. I almost ache thinking about leaving it. A few months ago, I posted some pictures of our tree in every season. I’m going to frame those for our new house. As a reminder of this beautiful season of our lives. A season that is ending–just like winter. And like yesterday, my heart is being opened and is getting ready for Spring—this new season in our lives! I am excited to see what blossoms!

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  1. What a beautiful post! I know what you mean. I feel so rejuvenated and lively after being out in the sun for a couple hours on Saturday!

    I love dogwood trees. Maybe you could have one planted at your new house.

  2. How exciting to be in the stage that you’re in….leaving one and starting another. There’s a certain kind of joy that comes with it, don’t you think?

    I had a lilac tree at our first house in Portland. Oh how i loved that tree!! We moved in about a month before my first was born, and i remember cutting bunches of blossoms and how the fragrance filled the room. Now the smell has become one of those memory things for me…makes me think of our first house and first baby.

  3. I can relate…we have a bunch of HUGE Azaleas on our property. They’re all blooming right now, and are so pretty. Every year we’ve lived here I’m always amazed at how pretty they are. I’ll miss them when we ever move, that’s for sure!

  4. We’ve had beautiful weather, too, and the kids have had so much fun outside. I am definitely ready for spring to come and stay!

  5. Yep, we’ve had a warmer weekend too. I’m so ready for spring to really come.

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