Sara Groves is my new BFF

Last year when we were taking the Christmas tree down, I couldn’t move because I was watching Sara Groves DVD about her trip to Africa. Yesterday, we picked up Sara Groves new Christmas album and although it’s not even on the same plane as Africa…you still have to hear it.

I found it on video so you can watch too, if you want. This may be the funniest thing I’ve heard all year.

Christmas Lights PBL – Sara Groves ~ Toy Packaging from robogeek on Vimeo.

Can I get an AMEN?!


  1. That’s awesome!

  2. I got this CD for Christmas too and love this song!!

  3. Isn’t that a riot?!? I love it!

  4. Too funny! There is a house in the “Milton” area that the lights do the same thing through your radio. Crazy!

  5. Okay…THAT was me this year. I was almost cursing when trying to get the girls Barbie’s out of the box. I mean, they SEW their hair to the box!!! Why?! Thanks for sharing! That made us all laugh.

  6. Amen and amen. I actually had one finger bleeding from those dadgum twisty ties. This post has made it all worth it!

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