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Probably the cutest thing ever.

And to see it live action, check out my vlog. Seriously cute. (I’m entering this in Kailani’s Post-Halloween Costume Contest!)

Very Very V

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting another installment of the letter U, I’m sorry. I slacked. I did. U was a hard one. I could only think of “uncle” and “unicorn”. I mean, uncle? So, we just skipped ahead to letter V. And V? I like! I chose John 15:5, “I am the vine. You are […]

Show and Tell

Lydia and I have been doing our “abc verses” for several months now. And with each new letter, it was easy to review the letter before. Well, for about ten letters or so. Any more and Lydia would get a little bored with reciting and honestly, I couldn’t remember all of them! We usually display […]

All This Pie is Making Me Want Chinese Food

That’s right, my Pushing Daisies recap is up! Head over to The Disney Blog to check it out.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

One of the reasons I am excited about homeschooling the boys is that I will get to see the joy in their faces as they learn or try something new…  The joy on EJ’s face when he realized H was for helicopter, and more importantly, his momma knew how to make helicopters… ah, this is one […]

When Lydia Babysits…

(wordless wednesday) *** don’t forget about my bloggy giveaway—I’m giving away SLEEP!

H is for Homeschooling?

Not much is happening right now with our study of the letter H – I keep thinking I wish I had found the game Hungry Hungry Hippo out there somewhere before I started this week! Thoughts about education have been running through my head, though.  I’m the mom of two very young little boys, and I know […]