Lydia Vlogs

I know it’s pre-Asa, but here’s Lydia’s first attempt at vlogging. This is her recap of my final OB visit. Yes, after the organ incident.

Things to notice:

  • Her shoes. I’m literally jealous of them.
  • Asa’s cameo (aka my huge belly)
  • My hair. Yes, I got it cut before he came. Hallelujer.

Just click here and then VIEW VIDEOS then UPLOADED VIDEOS then 2.5 YEAR OLD VLOGS.

Enjoy my vlogger in training!


  1. hey Amanda!! Enjoyed hearing from Les this morning how you guys are doing! I swear Lydia seemed older and talked more this morning than I’ve heard her in the last year!?! We can’t wait to see you guys and meet little Asa. Hope you are resting and adjusting well 🙂

  2. She is so darn cute, Amanda! I love listening to her talk. “We heard Asa’s heartbeat!” Aww!!!

    Hope all is going well & everyone is adjusting better.

  3. She is too precious… Funny how fast they get to the point of being able to do these things … Like working a video/camera… What a cutie..

  4. That was so cute!

  5. OMGoodness! Love her! She’s so stinking cute! She has got it all over James with talking. Good grief, I can only understand a third of what he says.

  6. Lydia is so darn cute! She has real finesse with that camera!

  7. Natalie (BSM Media) says:

    That was TOO CUTE!!! I loved that little voice… and those shoes!!

  8. She is so precious – I love her little voice! She’s such a good talker.

  9. She is such a sweetie!!! (And much better at vlogging than I am!)

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