New Stuff At Our House

1. Newborn diapers. Is there anything sweeter? Well, when they’re unused.

2. Blue, blue and more blue.

3.  Fall TV. (Sleep and breastfeeding have taken priority over Heroes and Survivor. Oh, please don’t tell me what happens.)

4. Papa. My dad missed the delivery because he was in Jamaica. But within minutes from landing in Atlanta, he was at our house with a giant pony for Asa and a princess bear for Lydia. And was back again the next day with baby clothes.

5. Snorty baby naps.

6. Itsy bitsy baby clothes that are still too big.

7. Sleep.

8.  These. An absolutely fantastic invention. But kinda makes you feel like a mixture between robo-mom and a jersey cow.

9. Transition. Lydia will forget there was ever a time without Asa, right?

10. Chocolate. The gift of choice for new parents, apparently.

11.  Blogging time.



  1. Asa looks a little like Lydia there. He’s adorable! Lydia will get there. Hang in there. I remember Emily making the comment that we didn’t love her anymore. Yeah, it’s hard. But it doesn’t last long.


  2. I agree w/ AmyG… he does look like Lydia here.

    Hope you are getting enough sleep!

  3. I was about Lydia’s age when my sister was born, and apparently at the hospital I asked my parents to take her back where she came from.

    But it’s true, I don’t remember a time without her and I loved having a sibling to boss around. I mean, play with. 🙂

  4. There aren’t enough words to describe how beautiful he is! Babies are amazing.

    Amanda was 3 1/2 when Bailey came around. She was very used to being the only child. It didn’t take long for her to adjust and they have always been close.

  5. You’re making me want a baby right now!

  6. I love all of your new things! I am getting excited about my upcoming new things just by reading about your’s!

  7. There is never enough chocolate in our house the past couple weeks. And baby snuggles. Can not get enough!


  8. Amanda, I’m telling you the chocolate turtle Chex Mix held my hand through the entire 9months that I nursed Aiden. Little salty, little sweet, lotta chocolate!! Congratulations Again!!! Lydia WILL get there, I’m still holding hope for James – he’d smother Aiden with a pillow given the chance, I’m sure of it!

  9. So precious, that little boy of yours!! He’s totally got Lydia’s nose and mouth. I LOVE when you can see resemblances between young siblings.

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