Because Lists Are Funner

1. My bbb, Annie sent me a present! Like sent me a present in the MAIL! She emailed me a few weeks ago and said, “Did you get your birthday present from me?” And I said, “HUH?” Believe me, I would remember a birthday gift. So, as a “replacement” she sent Lydia and the pirate a gift. The pirate got an adorable outfit. I can’t wait to show you a picture of him in it! Lydia’s is a Big Sister book. Oh my goodness, you think Lydia got a new puppy. Every time she sees the book she says, “Oooooh.” like it’s just the sweetest thing she’s ever seen. And she absolutely gets the big sister connection. Here she is reading it…sorta…

the big sister!

2. I watched Obama’s speech with twitter last night. That’s kinda fun. Nothing like “eavesdropping” on your friends who come from totally different political persuasions. (My only tweet last night was, “Did he really just end with scripture? Come on. “)

4. Another of my bbb’s, Leigh, is joining me at my crafty kids’ blog, Impress Your Kids! I’m so excited!! I can’t wait to see what she shares with us.

5. I hope you’ve been following Nie Nie Day at Design Mom. It’s awe inspiring.

6.  If you live in Anaheim, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia or New York, please click here and bring me a Pie Hole pie. Please. Please.

7. And uh, have you heard about this? It partners two of my most favorite things: books, TJMaxx and free money. Oh, I mean, my three favorite things.

8. Ok. That’s it. I’m off to watch McCain and Palin. I tivoed it. Don’t tell me what happens.

[alternate title: Stuff You Should Know]

[alternate alternate title: Stuff You Should Might Not Really Want To Know]


  1. Yay! I’m glad Lydia liked the book!

  2. There’s really a pie place called Pie Hole? Hee hee!

  3. I have no piehole, but I’d gladly send you whatever…

  4. I love that show more than anything. Can’t wait for it to come back!!!

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