I’m Lost without Lost!

This is the week of no Lost. I’m on pins and needles waiting for the TWO HOUR season finale next week. (Oh, we need to have a Lost party, somebody!)

Yesterday in the shower I had a random thought…yes, about Lost. Remember in Kate’s flashFORWARD when she was all making eyes at Jack and trying to get him to come to her house? Their main point of contention was Aaron. He couldn’t get over Aaron.

I thought it was maybe because they did something to Claire, or because he felt guilty that he was related to Aaron.

Well, now I think Claire is dead (or at least out of Jack’s reach) and Jack didn’t know at the time he was related to Aaron.

SO. Why? Why would he have attitude toward Aaron? Why would that cause a rift between Kate & Jack?

Just something to think on while we wait.

And if you want some more theories (not that that was a theory…) head over to ew.com where Doc Jensen’s got some good Wizard of Oz theories going on. And if you’re missing clicking over to The Disney Blog, go ahead, John’s got a review of up of the new Indiana Jones movie—with a Disneyland tie in, of course!


  1. I know. I was the same way this week, totally missing it. I also wondered the same thing about Jack’s feelings toward Aaron. Maybe he just reminds him too much of her and he feels so bad not knowing she was his sister.

    BTW, funny you said that about the shower, I said the same thing on my blog this week : )

  2. Ooooh! Yea! LOST party! Let’s do it 🙂

  3. Just out wandering the blogosphere, and had to leave a comment about Lost because…EEK! The Finale! I can hardly wait, but then after it’s over I have to constantly remind myself that “it’s just a show” otherwise I stay up late wondering about things like Jack and Aaron. And Claire, and how totally not in character she seemed.

    Did you hear that JJ Abrams has a new show coming out next fall? I’m hoping his creativity doesn’t abandon Lost, like he abandoned Alias when he started Lost. I’d be so bitter.

    Anyway, cool to have found you!

  4. I read a theory this week that suggested that Abbadon is really grown up Walt. Whaddya think?

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