Mmmenu Pppplan Mmmmonday!

I have never done this before and I don’t know if I’ll do it every week, but lately I have been having issues with meals! So, today I’m posting with Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday.

Here’s the thing, Lydia is a semi-vegetarian. She eats some chicken. Mostly it’s fruits, veggies, eggs and beans. Plus she goes to bed at 7. So dinner is usually around 5:30. If Les doesn’t get home until 7 or 8, I usually just make something quick for Lydia. I’ll sometimes eat with her or cook something when Les gets home or not. Well, I’m sick of this! I don’t want to cook twice (I barely want to cook once!). I don’t want to eat pop-tarts for dinner. I actually do want to make something nice for my dh when he gets home. But this system is just not working!

So, I actually planned FOUR meals this week! FOUR. Then I went grocery shopping today for just the items I’ll need for this week. ONLY. That took a lot of self control.

Now, without further ado, here are my meals. Be prepared to be amazed slightly entertained…

Monday: Spaghetti (I got this and it was yummeee.)

Tuesday: French Dip Sandwich (I’ve never made this before…)

Wednesday: EAT OUT (Lydia’s spending the night with her grandparents!)

ThursdayBuffaloh! Pizza (title courtesy of bee, recipe courtesy of Rachael Ray)

Friday: Chicken & Corn Chili (never made this one either…)

Saturday: leftovers (I hope this stuff is yummy enough to have leftovers!)

Sunday: take out or leftovers or sandwiches

If anything sounds good, let me know and you can come over! Now, let’s just see if I can stick to it…


  1. Yay!!!! you posted a menu!!!
    Bailey eats very little, and no red meat. period! He barely eats chicken. It used to make my meal planning a problem, now he just gets one of the few things he will eat and we call it good.

  2. Those recipes sound yummy, sigh…soon I’ll be able to eat that all again. I did a menu plan today, too. Didn’t post it though cause it would probably bore everyone to tears (how many days in a row is brown rice acceptable?).

  3. Those all look great, good luck. I wish I had space for a slow cooker.

  4. French Dips are one of our favorites! My girls (4 year old twins) love the meat and dipping sauce. They never dipped anything ever before I made these the first time a few weeks ago. They thought the sauce was fun so tried it and LOVED it! And wealways have leftovers.

    Have a great week!

  5. The Buffalo Pizza has become one of my signature dishes 🙂 Amber’s boyfriend really likes it!

    I wish I could post a menu like that…but try making a pot of chili for one! Not very practical if you don’t wanna eat leftovers for 2 weeks!

  6. I love french dips!!!

  7. I’ve got to do better at this, too. I find it difficult to find stuff that we want to eat that the Wog will/can eat, too. I don’t like cooking something different for him. Plus, he eats better when he sees the same thing on our plates.

    This reminds me…I haven’t made that pizza in months!

  8. Oh, it is so much better when I actually do this! Thanks for reminding me – I need to hop back on it!

  9. yummm…

  10. Buffalo pizza sounds so good!

  11. Stephanie says:

    That’s great! And funny, too, because we’re living parallel lives. My hubby told me the other day he hates it when I go to and get recipes because he thinks they are too bland. I think they are easy and must not have as sophisticated a palette as he because overall I’ve been pretty pleased. But Saturday I went to and got four recipes. Today I made Taco Soup (crock pot since I work Tuesdays) and it was great!! I was surprised. It was basically a mexican chili, but it was EASY. Great confidence booster since I HATE to cook. But I have to agree that having a grocery list with everything is a huge help. I’ll have to try your stuff, and I’ll let you know if mine are any good, too.

  12. I made my own Ninja Spaghetti just last night! Take all of the leftover or not-yet-eaten veggies in the fridge, saute them, blend them, add crushed tomatoes & badda-bing, Ninja Spaghetti sauce. Tons of veggies & the kids never know. 🙂

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