Did I Really Just Do This?

must. move. fingers.

must. blog.

You guys, I am so tired. I have decided I could NEVER be on the Biggest Loser and work out 4 hours a day. This morning we woke up, ate breakfast (a flax seed muffin) then went straight to…




STEP class.

I am so horrible at this. I cannot step in order, do a figure 8, a mambo or a double lunge. And I certainly can’t do it in any kind of pattern or order. At one point I just stopped and stared at the instructor with both hands on my face.

After I pulled myself up off the floor, we threw on our bathing suits and headed for the Therapy Pool. It’s a big pool warmed to 92 degrees. We did balancing exercises with swim noodles. It was so relaxing, I felt like I was asleep during it. But at the same time it was very difficult–I really had to concentrate to do everything. As soon as I stepped out of the pool, I felt like I had just sat down some heavy weights. It was a very real workout!

Within 5 minutes, we were dried off and laying on a mat for Yogilates! I love Yogilates (yoga + pilates). I think I like it better than either Yoga or Pilates by itself.

We took a little break, ate some lunch, drove through Minneapolis—found Mama’s kindergarten, my great-grandmother’s house and the houses Mama grew up in. We got back to our hotel-spa-gym, took a little nap and then went straight to Yoga.

That one really wiped me out. But it was ok because immediately after Yoga was my MASSAGE! Oh, baby.

Now we’re eating hummus, pita and veggies for a snack and blogging away. I’ll be flying home (to my baby girl!) tomorrow night so, we’ll *only* get to take two classes in the morning. Yoga and another Therapy Pool class. And absolutely NO STEP!

I might be too busy or too out of pocket to post tomorrow but I’ll try because I have something exciting to tell you. It is the very complete OPPOSITE of my adventures this week. *wheee!*


  1. FUN! I think… except for the step class. Step class is one reason that I absolutely hate exercise. But I’m “stepping” it up (ha ha) and actually getting back into a routine – I HAVE to lose this baby weight (from both babies combined!).

  2. Aghhh now I NEED to know the exciting news!

  3. As I read I wondered “WHY is she doing this to herself?? And she went back for more and she has a toddler!!!” Then I realized you were on a sort of vacation? WHAT? haha Sounds like you are having fun and looking good! 🙂

    Safe and fun travels!

  4. Wow… sounds like you worked on your vacation! lol Have a safe trip home! Looking forward to hearing your exciting news.

  5. I see beaches in your future!

  6. Oh my goodness… I’m clearly not reading faithfully. Where are you? And how cool is this post?! Yogilates – the whole works. Glam, girl, glam!

  7. I think I’m allergic to Yogilates. And step class. And water-balancing.


  8. Can I tell you that this sounds like a PERFECT day to me? I am beyond jealous!

  9. Can I count reading about your workout as a workout for me? Please tell me I can!

  10. Step IS way too confusing. I always thought I was coordinated, but STEP class proved me way wrong! Can’t wait to hear your news!

  11. Wow, it sounds like you guys are having a great time! Step is one of my favorites but it is hard work. I know that Therpy Pool felt great after that:) You are going to have to catch up on your sleep when you get home. Oh, and I love the picture of the church sign, very cool:)

  12. I’m thinking that if you cut out everything that sounded like exercise and just added in more things that sounded like massages and naps, you’d have one groovy vacation.

  13. Okay, I’d totally pay money to watch you in that step class. Hilarious! And “yes, please” to the massage – that sounds fabulous!!

  14. Your post made me think of the two weeks I spent at Bela Karolyi’s gymnastics camp when I was sixteen – we worked out 6 hours a day and I had a blast! Twenty years later just the thought of exercising that much makes me exhausted!

    Sounds like you had a great time, though! Can’t wait to hear the exciting news!

  15. Even my weekly spinning class often requires too much coordination for me… I’d have to wear protective headgear for stepping!

  16. sounds interesting, what’s step?

  17. Missing you! Hope you’re having a fabulous time, friend!!

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