Why band aids are of the devil

My daughter is the great sleeping baby. She was sleeping 8 hours at about six weeks. At two years old she sleeps at least 12 hours every night.

Until last night.

She got a paper cut on her hand yesterday. After a kiss, a prayer, some cream and a band-aid, she felt better. She was very proud of her wound and held her arm up like it had a cast on it. She went to bed around 7pm. At 9pm, I heard her screaming. I was terrified and ran into her room.

Me: What’s wrong, baby girl?

Lydia: Ban-ad off.

Me: (half laughing, half stern) Really? OK. Let’s put it back on. Now, lay back down. Night Night.

In the next three hours this happened FIVE more times. She would start screaming, be standing in her bed without a tear in her eye and simply say, “Ban-ad off” or “Daddy, fix it!”

After the 6th time, I got the clue and simply took the band-aid off.

I’m nothing if not quick.


  1. That is too funny! When I had to wear a bandaid over my nosering at work I kinda thought they were from the devil, too!

  2. I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you 🙂

  3. Aww… poor thing! I hope her cut is better soon!

  4. Oh no…hope the owie is all better!!!

  5. I am nodding my head in agreement here!

    My kids feel the need to put band-aids on EVERYTHING–including bruises. At $3.00 a box (because we HAVE to have the cartoon kind!)–that’s a pretty spendy habit!

    Hope you got some sleep eventually. Really loving your site–the bloggy carnival has sure exposed me to some great, funny people! (still keeping my fingers crossed about winning that Sarah Jane print!–I only entered giveaways I really liked!)

  6. I get pretty upset when my bandaids fall off too!

  7. Failure to communicate happens countless times in our house and we usually do the opposite of want little man wants which usually means a lot more work and effort on our part. I wish I had a good sleeper, maybe the next one.

  8. So funny!

  9. Oh my gosh – that sounds just like something Elias would do. so funny!!!

  10. It’s amazing what a band-aid can do! Even my 6th graders think it’s the end all, be all!

  11. That is so Lydia! Everyday in my music class the 3 year olds have to show me every little scratch that they have because they want a band-aid. It really drives me crazy! Nora went through a phase where she wanted them even if she had no boo-boo. I am glad she is done with that.

  12. EXACT same thing happens her with bandaids. Ayla picks her darn toenails off so low we have to put bandaids on. Since it’s her foot, they last about 2 hours and she FREAKS out when they fall off. I got the 100 pack last time I was at BJs!

  13. That is so funny – we go through band-aids as if they were stickers. So I have given up putting them on my little one, just some cleaning a kiss and that is all. She has learned to accept it.

  14. I can completely imagine my Zoe doing the exact same thing!!!

  15. Gracious – 6 times. We love our 12 hour night sleeps over here too, and if Lil’ Bug woke 6 times, I would be one CRANKY MAMA!

    (I’m just glad it happened to you.)

  16. lolz

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