Moo & Snow

Today has been a day. *whew* We woke up to a house with NO heat. That is the worst feeling I can imagine. Unless of course, I had been put to bed soaking wet. Anyway, it was too cold to stay at home, so we took Lydia and our niece to a special event at a local church where we got to jump on those big inflatable games and meet Bob & Larry from Veggie Tales. It was pretty exciting to a 2 & 3 year old.

Then we ran a bunch of crazy errands and hung out at my parents until we could figure out the heat. When we finally got home the heat was randomly working and I’m praying it doesn’t decide to sleep again tonight.

But the purpose of this post (yes, there is one) is to show you what I got in the mail!

A beautiful purple sticker book full of my little Lydia’s 2nd year!

Is that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!

You can put any picture you want in your sticker book up to 90 different pictures/stickers and only $10 from my favorite, Is that so cool?!

Oh, you’re wondering the point of stickers of yourself? Well, obviously you are not 1. a sticker lover 2. narcissistic. I am obviously both because I would LOVE some of these of myself. These were actually supposed to be part of the goody-bags at Lydia’s Snowflake Party. Everyone was going to get one sheet of Lydia stickers with their chocolate covered marshmallow. However, they were shipped 2 days after her birthday and we just got them today. So much for timing that one.

Regardless, these things are so yummy I want to eat them! If you came to Lydia’s party, expect a sheet of Lydia stickers in the mail! If not, well, go make some stickers for yourself!


  1. oh my gosh! How cute is that?!?! I did not know such a thing existed. I’ll file that away for future fun.

  2. Oh, I love these! I can think of a billion uses for them! I’m off to check them out….


  4. How cute!!

  5. i think thats a great idea! As for the heat. yuck… no reason why???

  6. Those are so adorable!!!

  7. I hope your heater problem is an easy/cheap fix! We had to replace our furnace one year. It was not cheap.

    I love the sticker book! Too bad I didn’t go to Lydia’s party, then not only would I have gotten a little page of Lydia stickers but also one of those oreo encrusted marshmallows!! (no, I haven’t forgotten about those yummy delights!) 🙂

  8. Totally cute! Stay warm!!

  9. Those are way too cool! I want a set.

  10. I’m thinking the stickers could be used in a totally cute mosaic-y scrapbook page or two or seven!

  11. I love moo! I got the moo cards and everyone loves them when I give them out when they want my email or contact info. I totally forgot about the stickers, tho! Must order now!!

  12. ok, just poking around your blog after entering for the giveaway and these stickers are so cool. I can’t wait to order some. Thanks for the tip. Your blog is very cute.

  13. That is an awesome party favor idea. Are you brilliant enough to think up that favor idea yourself or do you have a great party favor site you visit? I’m about to start planning my biggest’s 4th bday and that’s a great idea.

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