How I Met Your Survivor

With my busy puppet week (full recap coming tomorrow soon!) and my hubby coming home late (or not at all) I haven’t been watching the fall tv premieres! Ugh, I’ll be glad when all this children’s ministry is done so I can get back to being a couch potato.

However, last night we watched How I Met Your Mother premiere and episode 2 of Surivor. I’d just like to share a few thoughts with you. *spoilers ahead*


1. Thank God I do not have to watch WWF diva and her half naked self. (Oh, how many descriptions I left out for her!) But really, Sherea, I hope you are mortified as you are watching this season because girl, you have got to start wearing actual CLOTHES. Amanda even got in on the lack of clothes, but at least she was sufficiently appalled, “My mom is going to kill me!”

2. I know Former Model guy is an annoying leader. I get it. But everyone else in the tribe LITERALLY sits on the ground and says, “Hey, what do you want us to do?” Then sits there again and says, “OK, how do you want us to do it?” Then sits again and says, “But, why?” Seriously, stop acting like middle schoolers and start working. If he tells you not to make a fire and you want one–make it anyway!!

3. What is Leslie saying, “Boo-hoo! I’d be better if I could just read my Bible. Waaaah!” What in the world?! I thought she was trying to make a GOOD impression. Hasn’t she ever heard about hiding His Word in her heart? UGH. She was making me feel sick.


1. I know this show is gross. I literally think the moral of this episode was…well, I don’t even want to say. It was PG13 at best. But it is seriously funny. (God will seriously not think that’s a good excuse.)

2. Was that Enrique AND Mandy Moore?

3. Ted got a tramp stamp! HA!

4. And we should have known. Barney is one of us. After a horrible night on the town he yells, “This is SO going in my blog!”

I know I’ve been talking about TV a lot lately. But once fall TV begins, I can hardly keep from blogging about it. I’ll try to curb my enthusiasm (ha!) and blog about diapers and nap schedules soon.

Well, that’s it. Lydia is asleep, when she wakes up my mil is coming over to take care of her as day 2 (of 3) of Puppet-palooza begins tonight. I know you guys are so jealous of my membership in this subculture of puppetry. Just wait till you see the pictures I’m going to share with you. Enough to make Elmo jealous.


  1. I think the Survivor producers need to offer clothing as a reward at the next reward challenge because I’m already tired of the no bra situation. Not to mention the guys are swimming in boxer briefs and how long are those going to hold up.

  2. I’m not reading this b/c I haven’t watched HIMYM yet!

    I’m 3 Closers, 2 LA Ink’s and 3 Tim Gunn’s Guides to Styles behind!

  3. I’m glad my DH and I aren’t the only people who find HIMYM insanely funny. “Tramp stamp.” Ha! I loved the line about the blog too.

  4. I still think gravedigger-boy (whose name obviously escapes me) is the best. I have a feeling he’s going to come in way under the radar. Not to mention, if he keeps performing physicals challenges like he did last night…


    I was thinking about Leslie…maybe she’s relatively new in her commitment to Christ…that would explain a lot.

  5. Can I say that I wanted to post about Survivor and I am just so embarrassed to be watching people running around in their underwear, tearing eachother’s clothes off, like it’s nothing out of the ordinary, that I couldn’t even bring myself to comment on it. Maybe next week.

    Never watched How I Met Your Mother. It always looks entertaining in the commercials, but so amoral. I’ve never given it a shot. But then, I kind of gave up on sit-coms when Seinfeld went off the air.

  6. I wanted to watch Survivor but it quickly became annoying and I stopped watching. Sorry to hear there is yet another example of Christianity out there blowing it. I hate that! Of course, none of us are perfect but why are the ones on reality TV such nuts or so emotional??? I am tired of the cry baby, hypocrit reality Christian. Just my pet peeve! 🙂

  7. Hey Amanda,
    I watched survivor this week and felt the same about the former model guy and the wrestler girl! If I wanted to make a fire, I would make a fire and not ask zoolander’s permission! These people are either playing a really interesting game or a band of total followers… who knows. I still like the grave digger the best and agree with the other commenter, they need to offer clothing as a reward. I’m sick of seeing their undies!

  8. Wife and I are big fans of HIMYM. They drop a lot of cultural references that really only hit their full effect for those of us in the 28-32 age group.

    If I could recommend one episode in particular, the Slap Bet episode from last season is a must-see. They made a reference to it in this week’s episode.

  9. Oooh, we are HIMYM fans too!
    I loved the Barney blog comment!! 🙂

  10. If only they hadn’t canceled “The Class” after “How I Met Your Mother”! I really liked that one!

    At least someone annoying got voted off Survivor. I’m hoping whiny NY girl is next!

  11. i am an avid watcher of survivor and i agree with most of your comments on the first two episodes. i also agree with your first commenter… there really needs to be a reward challenge that has clothing as the prize.

    i also watch himym as well as two and a half men. i find both hilarious and yet i feel guilty watching them because they can get so lude.

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