Just playing around…

This is not my supercool layout that my new best friend is working on. For some reason that other theme just wasn’t working right. It moved weird. I’ll try not to mess this thing up too much and I’ll let you know when the new threads are ready to show off!

Thanks for being patient with me and still hanging out with me. *blushing* I’m glad we’re friends!


  1. Curses to Mr. Dreamweaver! Curses! I’m sure your new duds will be ready soon!

  2. I’ll hang out with you no matter what your blog looks like!

  3. SO glad to be at your new site! Updating my blogroll now!

  4. OH Amanda!!!! Can we put a STAT on that new site, for some reason I just don’t think the little birdie & country blue flowers screams you:)

  5. Where is the feature to add you to my bloglines thingy?? I cannot find it!

  6. Wow, you’re all black and white and read all over! 😉

  7. Definitely required submit admin good a single i bookmarked your word wide web sheet see you in up coming web site put up.

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