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My great grandfather and his two sisters.

This is probably around 1912.
He was 19 at this time–the same year he married my great grandmother at age 14!

Notice the girls’ hair. And their clothes. And don’t you just love my great-grandfather’s smile?

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  1. I love the girls outfits–wonderful photo.

  2. I love the outfits, too! The hair, notsomuch… 🙂

  3. Great photo! Where did your family originate from? I’m a lover of genealogy. For some reason I have you picked out for having Irish roots – why, I have no idea!

  4. That is an amazing photo! Such history!

  5. I am always amused it pictures from the past!!!

    Come over and have a look at my WHEELS OF LIFE!!! Do bring some friends along.

  6. Yellowed pics! I am always awed with yellowed pics. The history and all. Also, makes me think how amazing it is that we can store pics easily and conveniently these days?

  7. Are you sure those are his sisters & not his prisoners??? He’s the only one that looks happy & I have to say he’s got quite the grip on them!!

  8. I am such a sucker for old family photos and always love visiting your WW. His smile is contagious.

  9. I do love his smile, very friendly… look at their hair, how would you get your hair to look like that? Interesting. You know I’m in the market for a new hair style 🙂

  10. I love old photographs. What an interesting photo idea for WW! I like it! Happy WW!

  11. I love old pictures and have been in the process of scanning a bunch of mine in so that my girls will for sure have them someday – my memories will stay alive through them. Great pictures and I do love your Grandfather’s smile – happy WW!

  12. I love that photo. I’m a sucker for the old ones, too, especially when you’re able to tell us who’s who.

  13. I love this old picture! I love how he is holding their arms.

  14. That is a cool old photo. Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine being married at 14!

  15. Huh, I can’t figure out how they got their hair to do that. It’s almost like a hat pushed down over their foreheads. As always, neat photo!

  16. You have some of the coolest heritage photos!

    mine is up at

  17. He sure was a handsome young men…
    Happy WW!

  18. i must be scentimental tonight cause this brought tears to my eyes!

  19. Cool Photo
    I like hair style and dresses also. It look gorgeous.

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