How funny is this?!

I’m on topmomma! It’s a site that…well, I don’t even know what! But you post a picture, then people who like it click it. And if you can stay on the front page–you’re a top momma! I hardly even remember posting this picture. But I love it!

So, click here and then click on the picture of Lydia so I can be a Top Momma!

(I’m still laughing about this!)


  1. That is a really great picture! It captures her emotion so well 😉

  2. Isn’t it fun being a top momma? 🙂 Hope you go far!! 🙂

    Very cute Lydia picture. She is too fabulous. I so want to get her together with M.

  3. Good luck with Top Momma. I lasted a couple days. I think you need to have so many clicks every 4 or 6 hours and that’s when they replace if they aren’t high enough. It’s fun but we’re really all top mommas anyway. Cute cute picture of your daughter. My little girl’s name is Lydia too! You have a nice blog, like your layout.

  4. Adorable picture, love it!!!!
    I clicked, I’ll click some more!

  5. Awesome. I just went and posted a picture. We will see if it shows up. I think it is funny because now I am second guessing the shot. Hey, who doesn’t want to be a Top Mama.

  6. I clicked and then clicked again!

    I love that pic! That little barrette in her hair is just TOO MUCH!!

  7. Well, of course! That’s a great pic! You ARE a top mama! Oh, and thank you so much for wishing my Mom a happy birthday, too!


  8. Anonymous says:

    I found you! I didn’t realize until today that you hadn’t posted in awhile and it’s b/c I forgot to update your new blog address – duh 😉 Anyways, adorable Lydia pic – how long ago was this picture?

  9. Great picture!

  10. So cool girl! Love that picture of Lydia.

  11. That is SUCH a cute picture.

  12. What a cutie! I clicked.

  13. I tagged you, come see.

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog last week. Just wanted to stop by and say “hi!”

  15. When’s your birthday Amanda?

  16. Lydia is just absolutely adorable!!

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