My new favorite meal

I read a few blogs with these talented gourmet chef mamas. They post yummy homemade meals that I can only dream about. But I made something this week that I am so proud of and just had to share! I ‘m sure this will never happen again, so I hope you enjoy!

My Awesome 3 Course Meal, OhAmanda-style:

Fresh Spring mix with apples coated in cinnamon, dried raisins & blueberries, sliced red peppers, sliced red onions and grape tomatoes! (I hate the tomatoes, they were for everyone else.) But the best was the dressing. It is my new and forever all-time favorite, Brianna’s Rich Poppy Seed. Oh my goodness if you haven’t tried this, please rush right out and buy some!

Main Course
Rachael Ray’s Buffalo Chicken Pizza. To quote the chef, “Yummo!” It’s just chicken tossed with some hot sauce & tomato sauce. Then Monterey Jack cheese and blue cheese crumbles!

Trader Joe’s Cheesecake with their Strawberry Preserves on top and a sliced strawberry!

Are you so impressed? I am! I guess I’ll never have a show on the Food Network, but I can dream, can’t I? I’m making myself so hungry, I think I’m going to make this again tonight!


  1. Yum! Me so hungry… great menu!

  2. Yummie! My stomach’s growling now. Anyway, all caught up your blogs again! Good stuff!!
    Mama 🙂

  3. Look at my picture!! Help!

  4. I am so making that pizza!!

    I’m so impressed that you can make 3-course meal. I do good to get 1 on the table!!

    When, oh when, will we ever get a Trader Joe’s?!! I’m putting that on my list to visit when we make our much belated anniversary trip to IKEA & West Elm!!!

  5. I am also addicted to Poppy Seed Dressing, ever since Alina’s md mentioned it to me. Now I am a junkie!!!

  6. fyi… I made the pizza last night. Huge hit! Huge! It’s going on my meal rotation. Now, I need to see what all the hubub is with the poppy seed dressing.

    Hee hee… I typed “poopy seed” the first time. I don’t guess that would be very good, huh? 🙂

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