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Only a Mom…or a Puppeteer

I love Sesame Street. I can’t help it. I look forward to it everyday! Anyway, here’s the highlight of my day.

Then & Now

This is Lydia one year ago today. Looking at this picture, I can feel what it was like that day. I can remember what it felt like to hold her when she was that small, I can feel her shirt and her hair and how it felt to lay on that blanket with her, I […]

Must See TV.

Today I went to the mall and bought some clothes. Whoo-ee! This has only happened about 4 times since Lydia was born. OK, so they are still comfy pants & cotton shirts, but at least they’re new! But as I’m walking around the mall, what am I really thinking of? Jack Bauer. Buchanan. Chloe. Miles. […]

New Friends & Free Stuff (hopefully)

I joined a blogring…no, a blog community…well, I’m not really sure of the blog lingo yet, but I found a website, 5minutesformom, with lots of mommy blogs on it. I link to them and they link to me! The idea is that they get lots of hits and I get lots of hits. Free advertising, […]

Bloggy Blog

That title is just because I don’t know what I’m going to write about yet. I thought I could easily write something every day on my blog. Come on, the most exciting things happen to me everyday–I change 5 diapers a day, play with Dora the Explorer’s car, stack and sort all the Disney Fairies, […]

Hey, bee seedy! Hee-ef, gee!

My 2 year old neice came over today. I could blog about the 14 sippy cups, the two non-naps, the high chair coordination, the princess play-acting and the stuffed animal parades, but I’m too tired. Here’s my little girl before my neice came over and they both took over the house. She’s singing the ABC’s. […]

I did it.

(our four 1 year olds “posing” for a picture.) I joined the ranks of the freaks and losers who meet their internet friends in real life (or IRL as we web friends like to say). But I’d just like to say, if you think we’re freaks and losers–YOU’RE WRONG! I had so much fun! I’m […]