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Na-na-na-hey-hey-hey-good-bye 2007!

Is it really the last day of the year?! I know it’s the most overused statement but it is also the most true one ever—TIME FLIES! I think as you get older it gets exponentially faster. And since Lydia was born I feel like we’re in warp speed! So, even though my little blog is […]

You Totally Need This

Back in the day Christian Tshirts were in. You know, “IN”. And I had them all! Let’s see, a few of my faves… “Heaven? Yes. Hell? No.” (I even wore that one to school!) “Forget the Whales! Save the People!” “All Good People Go To Heaven. NOT!” (How cool was I?) Well, thanks to some […]

Mission Accomplished

Remember the Christmas Tree Lighting Party/Secret Mission Lydia went on? Well, we finally found out the whole story… Is that the cutest thing?! Mama and Daddy bought the girls dresses, tight and shoes. They “kidnapped” them from us, took them out to eat and then to get their pictures taken. We got a beautiful 8×10 […]

The Blog Factor

I don’t even know what that title means. I was just trying to get “blog” in there. Maybe I should have done, “Tales from the Blog” or “The Creature from the Blog Lagoon”. Apparently, my bloggy creativity is waning. I can tell I’ll be lightly posting the next few days and in light of the […]

Merry Christmas To All!

I wish I could have sent our Christmas card to all of you! Merry Merry Christmas!

Merry Birthday Part Two!

I’m hijacking Mama’s blog to wish her a Happy Birthday. If you have a minute in the midst of your Christmas Eve, will you hop over and wish her a Happy Birthday?

Merry Birthday!

It’s my hubby’s birthday! It won’t be the most exciting birthday because he’ll have to work in preschool with me at church today. *grin* But that’s why I love him! He’s my best friend, a wonderful dad, a sweet husband and a Godly man. (can’t you see how much he loves his little girl?) Happy […]