Two weeks ago today I was sitting at a Mom’s Club in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. While I was there I met Norma. We were in the middle of a junky neighborhood. There were chairs set up in the middle of the street. The leaders of the club stood in the shade of a broke […]

World Vision Dominican Republic Photos: Top Ten {Tuesday}

I promised you a Dominican-centric post today. But I thought I’d let your eyes do the walkin’ and show you some pictures that have been resting in my iPhoto folders. So, here we go… THE TOP TEN PHOTOS OF THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC THAT I HAVE NOT SHOWN YOU YET {I can’t help it. I love […]

I’ve Been Dreading This Post

I knew I was going to hate writing the first post that was non-Dominican Republic. Jumping from poverty, kids affected by HIV and river slums right into a rundown of my affluent life makes me feel weird. In fact, this whole next week of “re-entry” makes me feel a little ill. I have a Disney […]

Mother’s Day & World Vision: My New Favorite

Photo :: :: :: World Vision Bloggers (photo by MommySnacks) There is so much more I want to tell you about our trip with World Vision. But today we’re napping and resting and just being a family. This Mother’s Day weekend, will you please spend a few minutes and read about the mothers we met […]

The Face of a Mother

Usually when you think of child sponsorship you think of the faces of children. We are moved as mothers to see these children because we know how much we love our own children. We know how we would move heaven and earth to provide and nurture our children. Well, what about their mothers? What about […]

My Mari Luz.

If you sponsor a child through my blog you will receive your own Lisa Leonard necklace. Just like Mari Luz’s and mine! It will be a constant reminder of your sweet child!

Is Child Sponsorship Worth It?

Once there was a pastor. A passionate man who started a church in northern Santo Domingo. He worked hard to tell everyone about Jesus. In spite of his hard work, there was something he lacked: music. He needed a musician to help him lead worship at his church. So, he prayed. And he prayed. And […]