Limit Screen Time {31 Days: Day 6}

Both my parents worked when I was a little kid. Sometimes they worked two jobs each. It’s just what they had to do. So, when I got a little older I was one of those latch-key kids you used to hear about. My brother and I would get off the bus, make a snack, turn […]


Yes. Blissdom has consumed my blog for the last few days & weeks. But NOW. Oh, it is the premiere of LOST. The FINAL SEASON of LOST is upon us! *moment of silence* So, in honor of all things Losty, I now present to you MY TOP TEN FAVORITE LOST THINGS. (Man, I’m articulate!) 1.The […]

LOST: The Final Season

I have a tiny little intro post to Lost’s final season over at The Disney Blog. And two points to whoever can guess what my Top Ten is going to be about tomorrow… :: :: ::

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Television Shows of 2009

We got a new TV on Black Friday. Yes, we did. And it’s big. And flat. And shiny. My husband is very happy. This new TV has reminded me that we have not talked about television in quite some time! I have been remiss in filling you in on my TV watching habits! I know […]

I can't believe I did it!

picture by Flickr user (A3R) angelrravelor (A3R) Last week, I took a big step in my parenting life… after years of saying I could never do it, I unplugged the TV. I said I could never do it, even though I admired all the parents who had – or who had even completely gotten rid […]

YOUR TURN: Age Appropriate STUFF

When my daughter turned 1, my parents bought her a Little Mermaid tent. She loved it. She could crawl inside and be all by herself and play with her stuffed animals. The first time I crawled in I was a little shocked…the only thing I could see was a giant half naked girl with a […]

Two Things You Gotta Do

The blogosphere is an interesting place. There’s something about a computer screen that allows you to be a little more showy than usual. A little louder, cooler or spunky than normal. It’s a place where you can speak your heart and then edit it to make sure you got it right. And through this bloggy […]