SEO: How *I* Write a Blog Post Part 5–Top Ten {Tuesday} Style!

Have you been following along with my How *I* Write a Blog Post series? Well, it originally started as a crazy-long Top Ten {Tuesday} post which I turned into a series. I’m basically outlining every single detail of what I do when I write a post. It’s a nice step-by-step series if you’re a newbie […]

A Conversation with Siri: Top Ten {Tuesday}

  So. My iPhone. I kinda love it. Jo-Lynne just posted about how she still kinda misses her Android. But I am flat out in love with my iPhone. And Siri, the voice of my iPhone can help me do almost anything. I can tell her, “Remind me to email So-and-So” and she will! I […]

Easy No Sew Super Hero Costume

I’ve been perusing Pinterest for fun Super Hero activities. Mainly I get distracted by the gobs of adorable Super Hero cakes and birthday parties! Anywhoo, I finally found THE BEST tutorial ever: How To Make a Super Hero Cape From an Old Tshirt from See Cate Create! I made one for Asa today and I […]

My New Mommy Blog: Top Ten {Tuesday}

Remember my new iPhone? Well, I love it. Yes, I can talk to Siri (which my or may not be the subject of a Top Ten post soon. She is quite entertaining.) and I can actually get online and answer email while sitting somewhere boring. I’m kinda in love with it. But the main thing […]

Things I’m Thankful For: Top Ten {Tuesday}

Last week Lydia was off of school for Thanksgiving. And it was so fun to just ramble around the house and run errands and just be together. I downloaded the new #1000gifts app and it’s got me taking more pictures (altho’ sometimes I can’t actually get it up on the app!) and more aware of […]

How to Use Affiliate Links: Top Ten {Tuesday}

The last few days the only thing I can think about is my new ebook. I have been totally gobsmacked at the positive response that has taken place since I announced it just last week! As of Monday night, we had 706 fans on the Truth in the Tinsel Facebook page! (In comparison, ohAmanda’s page […]

Asa is Three: Top Ten {Tuesday}

  When I put Asa to bed tonight (Monday) it was the last time I’d hold him as a 2 year old. *sniff* My sweet baby pirate is turning into a little boy. He still seems little when he cries for Mommy, runs to hold my hand or kisses his big sis “Eee-ya” ten times […]