Peer Pressure and the DVR

The following hi-larious post is from my bloggy friend and sisterchick, Mary at Giving Up on Perfect… “Hey, Mary, will you buy us a six pack? I think you’d pass for 21.” I was such a goody two shoes that I was more shocked that my classmate bothered to ask than the fact that she […]

Discover Your Strengths

The following is a guest post from one of my best bloggy friends and sisterchick, Christine from… Have you ever thought about what your strengths are? What you’re good at doing? What seems effortless for you? What gives you the most energy? Sometimes we can just go through life doing the same things over […]

Has Anybody Told You You're Beautiful? {A Giveaway}

When my husband and I first got married we decided to not watch television for the first year–unless it was a movie we already owned. Strangely, the only movies we owned were Veggie Tales. Yup, college students who stocked up on Veggie Tales! When we finally switched to DVDs, we continued to hoard Veggie Tales […]

Have a New Kid By Friday: Wednesday

:: Don’t forget, I’m going to be on the Focus on the Family webcast, “Concoctions to Connect Kids To Faith” at 2pm ET today!:: Welcome to Wednesday! It’s the 3rd day of our look at Have a New Kid by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman. I’ve really enjoyed rehashing the book with you. Please feel […]

Butterfly in the Sky…

Today is one of those random kinda days. I woke up at 4:45, 5:15 and 6:15. Each time I was coming out of a completely strange dream (like bears and rollercoasters. together.) I finally got up and pulled on my husband’s socks because I couldn’t find any matched of mine. Then walked down to the […]

LOST: The Final Season

I have a tiny little intro post to Lost’s final season over at The Disney Blog. And two points to whoever can guess what my Top Ten is going to be about tomorrow… :: :: ::

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Television Shows of 2009

We got a new TV on Black Friday. Yes, we did. And it’s big. And flat. And shiny. My husband is very happy. This new TV has reminded me that we have not talked about television in quite some time! I have been remiss in filling you in on my TV watching habits! I know […]