Friends are Friends Forever. A Retro Photo.

Mandi is in the stripes. I’ve got the long hair. Staci‘s got the bangs. Their dad is in the hat. My brother is the one with the…gun? The other toe head is one of their brothers. The tractor and the house? Also theirs. Who knew we’d still be friends 20+ years later?!

Top Ten {Tuesday}: The Great Urban Race Atlanta

Saturday Staci and I participated in the most fun thing I’ve done in…maybe ever. It’s the local, cheap, short version of The Amazing Race. Teams of two race through their city doing stunts, taking pictures and unscrambling clues. It was literally GREAT. Staci already recapped it brilliantly but here are my… TOP TEN PICS, VIDEOS, […]

The Sisterchicks Cook

Usually when my sisterchicks try to get together for a Girls Night Out–no matter how easy or elaborate, it requires a lot of emails. A LOT. You know, Where should we go? I don’t care. Wherever you wanna go. I already went there. It was ok. Oh, well, how about this place? Or maybe here? […]

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Picture Day

I’m feeling a little picture-y today. So, in no order whatsoever, here are some pictures I’m lovin’ right now… 1. Lydia on her way to Princess Ballet Camp. 2. Asa talking to his Daddy. (And also wearing a DemonHunter shirt…courtesy of Papa) 3.Lydia bowling with her purse. We’ve been hitting up Kids Bowl Free all […]

Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes (*a giveaway*)

Multnomah asked me to review Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes by Robin Jones Gunn. And if you’ve been around here for even five minutes you know I replied with a big resounding YES! Not only do I admire Robin Jones Gunn (see blog gush #1 and 2), I also have my own group of sisterchicks which […]