The Muppets: A Movie Review

I got to see a pre-release of The Muppets last week! My husband and I were discussing how I don’t  do (many) product reviews on my blog anymore–except movies. I LOVE BEING THE FIRST ONE TO SEE A MOVIE! And being one of the first ones to see the first Muppet movie in over ten […]

First Day of Kindergarten

This is one of those posts I said I committed to before I decided on a bloggy break. But I’m so glad I did so I could show off my little girl today! Today was the day. FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN. I was pretty nervous that Lydia was going to be well, nervous. But as […]

You Are Not Alone {giveaway}

Yesterday was one of the worst parenting days I’ve ever had. There was not one time during the day that one of my children was not completely out of control. I was livid by the time my husband came home. In fact, I crawled into the bed as he finished eating dinner and hid until […]

I Got My Hair Cut

Over the years I’ve talked about my favorite hair styling product and how my hair looks like David Cook from American Idol. I thought it was about time to share the devastation that has happened in my hair-style-life: My stylist moved away. She has been cutting my hair for like 3 years!! She is the […]

New Mom’s Bible

**I’m adding this post to my 31 Days of the Best Bible Books for Kids because Guess What? If you don’t read your Bible in front of your kids, they aren’t gonna do it either. Just reading to them isn’t enough. Reading your Bible is the best way to introduce your kids to God and […]

Alliance Theatre: Disney’s Mulan (Reason #842 Why I Love Atlanta)

photo by Greg Mooney We went to the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta to see the theatrical version of Disney’s Mulan. And can I just say that it was like every single thing I loved all wrapped up into one? Family time? CHECK. Theatre? CHECK. Musical Theatre? CHECK. Puppetry? CHECK! Cool Kids’ Activities? CHECK. Disney? CHECK. […]

2009: A Blog In Review

This is my favorite way to recap the year. I mean, honestly, a blogger recapping the year? How vain can you get? Like I don’t document every second of my day anyway. But for some reaosn it makes me laugh to see the first line of my first post of each month. Also, it always […]