The Muppets: A Movie Review

I got to see a pre-release of The Muppets last week! My husband and I were discussing how I don’t  do (many) product reviews on my blog anymore–except movies. I LOVE BEING THE FIRST ONE TO SEE A MOVIE! And being one of the first ones to see the first Muppet movie in over ten […]

First Day of Kindergarten

This is one of those posts I said I committed to before I decided on a bloggy break. But I’m so glad I did so I could show off my little girl today! Today was the day. FIRST DAY OF KINDERGARTEN. I was pretty nervous that Lydia was going to be well, nervous. But as […]

You Are Not Alone {giveaway}

Yesterday was one of the worst parenting days I’ve ever had. There was not one time during the day that one of my children was not completely out of control. I was livid by the time my husband came home. In fact, I crawled into the bed as he finished eating dinner and hid until […]

I Got My Hair Cut

Over the years I’ve talked about my favorite hair styling product and how my hair looks like David Cook from American Idol. I thought it was about time to share the devastation that has happened in my hair-style-life: My stylist moved away. She has been cutting my hair for like 3 years!! She is the […]

{Giveaway} New Mom's Bible

I’ve been somewhat chronicling my 8 month journey to GET UP EARLY AND READ MY BIBLE on my personal blog. Yeah, it’s the same New Year’s Resolution I’ve had since I was 15. And finally, this year, I’ve figured it out. Well, I’m in the middle of figuring it out anyway. The last few weeks, […]

Alliance Theatre: Disney’s Mulan (Reason #842 Why I Love Atlanta)

photo by Greg Mooney We went to the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta to see the theatrical version of Disney’s Mulan. And can I just say that it was like every single thing I loved all wrapped up into one? Family time? CHECK. Theatre? CHECK. Musical Theatre? CHECK. Puppetry? CHECK! Cool Kids’ Activities? CHECK. Disney? CHECK. […]

2009: A Blog In Review

This is my favorite way to recap the year. I mean, honestly, a blogger recapping the year? How vain can you get? Like I don’t document every second of my day anyway. But for some reaosn it makes me laugh to see the first line of my first post of each month. Also, it always […]